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4.8  Downlink media streaming to Media Players with multiple formats |R18|p. 59

This clause considers downlink streaming in which a 5GMSd Application Provider publishes the same service in different media formats, all to be ingested by the same logical 5GMSd AS. The different media formats of the service are described by different presentation manifests (e.g. Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP [29] and HTTP Live Streaming [28]) but are described by a common Content Hosting Configuration (see clause 5.4) under a single Provisioning Session (see clause 5.3). The different media formats may or may not share the media resources described by their respective presrentation manifests.
Where the different media formats do share the same media objects (for example, an ISO MPEG Common Media Application Format (CMAF) presentation [27] according to the content format specified in TS 26.511) the same CMAF content may then provided to different kinds of Media Player, for example HTTP Live Streaming [28] and Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP [29], requiring different presentation manifest formats. This approach is aligned with CTA-5005 [25], which primarily focusses on creating interoperable CMAF content such that it can be used at the same time with DASH and HLS to the greatest possible extent.
The deployment architecture for this scenario is documented in Figure 4.8-1. In this case, the 5GMSd Application Provider provisions a single downlink media streaming session and triggers the content to be served to 5GMS Clients that consume different media formats, indicated in the Figure with an asterisk.
  • Provisioning and content ingest shall support the ability to serve different formats.
  • Provisioning and content ingest shall support the possibility that different formats may share common media files, for example CMAF to be used for DASH and HLS.
Copy of original 3GPP image for 3GPP TS 26.501, Fig. 4.8-1: Deployment architecture for downlink media streaming to Media Players with different formats

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