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3GPP 25-series — index of 25.9… Technical Reports

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TR 25.901RAN3Rel‑6 → 7
Network Assisted Cell Change (NACC) from UTRAN to GERAN — Network side aspects

TR 25.902RAN3Rel‑6 → 7
Iub/Iur congestion control

TR 25.903RAN6Rel‑7 → 15
Continuous connectivity for packet data users

TR 25.905RAN6Rel‑7
Feasibility study on improvement of the MBMS in UTRAN

TR 25.906RAN4Rel‑7 → 15
Dynamically reconfiguring a FDD UE receiver to reduce power consumption...

TR 25.907RAN4Rel‑9
Evaluation of path-loss technologies for LCS

TR 25.912RANRel‑7 → 15
Feasibility study for evolved UTRA and UTRAN

TR 25.913RANRel‑7 → 9
Requirements for Evolved UTRA (E-UTRA) and Evolved UTRAN (E-UTRAN)

TR 25.914RAN4Rel‑7 → 15
Measurements of radio performances for UMTS terminals in speech mode

TR 25.921RAN6Rel‑3 → 7
Guidelines and principles for protocol description and error handling

TR 25.922RAN6Rel‑3 → 7
Radio resource management strategies

TR 25.925RAN6Rel‑3
Radio Interface for Broadcast/Multicast Services

TR 25.927RAN6Rel‑10 → 14
Solutions for energy saving within UTRA Node B

TR 25.928RAN6Rel‑4
1,28 Mcps functionality for UTRA TDD physical layer

TR 25.929RAN6Rel‑8 → 15
Continuous connectivity for packet data users — 1.28Mcps TDD

TR 25.931RAN3Rel‑3 → 15
UTRAN functions, examples on signalling procedures

TR 25.933RAN3Rel‑5
IP transport in UTRAN

TR 25.934RAN3Rel‑4
AAL2 QoS optimization

TR 25.935RAN3Rel‑4
RRM optimisation

TR 25.936RAN3Rel‑4
Handover for realtime services from PS-domain

TR 25.937RAN3Rel‑4
UTRAN TDD low chiprate

TR 25.941RAN4Rel‑3
Document structure

TR 25.942RAN4Rel‑3 → 15
Radio Frequency (RF) system scenarios

TR 25.943RAN4Rel‑4 → 15
Deployment aspects

TR 25.944RAN6Rel‑3 → 4
Channel coding and multiplexing examples

TR 25.945RAN4Rel‑4 → 5
RF requirements for low chip rate TDD option

TR 25.946RAN3Rel‑4
RAB Quality of Service (QoS) Negotiation over Iu

TR 25.950RAN6Rel‑4
UTRA High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA)

TR 25.951RAN4Rel‑6 → 15
FDD Base Station (BS) classification

TR 25.952RAN4Rel‑5
TDD Base Station (BS) classification

TR 25.953RAN3Rel‑4
Transcoder Free Operation

TR 25.954RAN3Rel‑4
Migration to modification procedure

TR 25.956RAN4Rel‑4 → 15
UTRA repeater planning guidelines and system analysis

TR 25.963RAN4Rel‑7 → 15
Feasibility study on interference cancellation for UTRA FDD UE

TR 25.967RAN4Rel‑8 → 15
Home Node B (HNB) Radio Frequency (RF) requirements (FDD)

TR 25.968RAN4Rel‑10 → 15
Technical Report on 1.28Mcps TDD Home NodeB RF WI

TR 25.991RAN4Rel‑5
Feasibility study on the mitigation of the effect of CPICH interference at the UE

TR 25.992RANRel‑6 → 15
MBMS — UTRAN/GERAN requirements

TR 25.993RAN6Rel‑3 → 15
Typical examples of RABs and Radio Bearers (RBs) supported by UTRA

TR 25.994RAN6Rel‑5
Measures to overcome early UE implementation faults

TR 25.995RAN6Rel‑5
Measures to cater for legacy UE conforming to superseded versions of RAN interface

TR 25.996RAN6Rel‑6 → 15
Spacial channel model for Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) simulations

TR 25.999RAN6Rel‑7
HSPA evolution — Frequency Division Duplex (FDD)