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TR 25.927RAN6
Solutions for Energy Saving
within UTRA Node B

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Rapporteur:  Mr. Bhat, Prakash

Energy saving is important for operators for operational efficiency. Energy consumption is a significant operational cost factor for operators. In developing markets up to 30% of OPEX is spent on energy. Energy efficiency is also of concern for our environmental objectives. For Macro base station, base station could account up to 80% of CO2 emission in a mobile network.
Smaller cost effective nodes such as FemtoCells and PicoCells are increasingly being deployed. Whilst these nodes require less power budget, they provide smaller coverage area. With increased data rate and more denser networks, need for energy efficiency is expected to increase further and so is the requirement for low energy base station technology. There is an increased focus on identifying opportunities for energy efficiency now then ever.
The present document summarizes the study done under the SI "Solutions for energy saving within UTRA Node B" by listing technical concepts addressing the objectives of the study item (see below), analysing these technical concepts and selecting the best solution (which might be a combination of technical concepts).