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TR 25.993RAN6
Typical examples
of Radio Access Bearers (RABs)
and Radio Bearers (RBs)
supported by Universal Terrestrial Radio Access (UTRA)

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Rapporteur:  Mr. Ahmed, Ayaz

This TR provides a list of examples of RABs and RAB combinations which are supported by UTRA with examples of radio interface mapping for these RABs onto Radio Bearers and Signalling Radio Bearers.
This list of examples describes typical parameters, and should only be understood as possible configurations i.e. any other configuration supported by the Core Specifications and consistent with a given UE capability shall also be supported by this UE.
This TR addresses the FDD mode as well as the TDD mode.
This report is a release independent report. This means that the latest release applicable to 3GPP is the reference that this TR is defined upon, and contains information on all previous releases. Actual release where a given example applies is indicated in the relevant section.