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TS 25.461 (RAN3)
UTRAN – Iuant interface –
Layer 1

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V15.4.0 (PDF)2019/03  11 p.
V14.2.02019/03  11 p.
V13.2.02019/03  11 p.
V12.2.02019/03  11 p.
V11.3.02019/03  11 p.
V10.4.02019/03  10 p.
V9.4.02019/03  9 p.
V8.5.02019/03  9 p.
V7.5.0  2007/06  19 p.
V6.5.0  2005/12  17 p.

Rapporteur:  Mr. Kulakov, Alexey

This 3GPP specification has been moved to the 37-series at 2019-03 TSG Plenary Meeting.