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TR 25.906RAN4
Dynamically Reconfiguring
a FDD UE Receiver to Reduce Power Consumption
when desired Quality of Service (QoS) is met

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Rapporteur:  Mr. Callender, Christopher

The objectives of this study are:
  • RAN4 to identify whether there are situations in which individual UE receiver performance reduction has no, or minimal impact to the overall UTRAN system level performance or user experience. RAN4 should also identify scenarios in which UE receiver performance reduction cannot safely be performed.
  • RAN4 to investigate scenarios for the identified situations where the UE could reduce its performance. The purpose of these scenarios is to ensure that UE performance is not degraded when conditions are not suitable.
  • RAN2 to investigate additional signalling which may be beneficial to support UEs in the decision making process for reducing their performance, for example quality thresholds which assist the UE in determining that conditions are suitable to reduce receiver performance.