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6.21  Procedure for NWDAF assistance to location services |R18|p. 143

6.21.0  Generalp. 143

This clause specifies procedures for NF in the LCS system to interact with NWDAF for data analytics. General framework for NF in the LCS system to interact with NWDAF for data analytics refers to the clauses 6.1.1 and 6.1.2 of TS 23.288.
Clause 6.21.1 describes the procedures of Location Accuracy Analytics retrieved by LMF.
Clause 6.21.2 describes the procedures of UE Mobility Analytics retrieved by AMF.
The procedure in Figure 6.21-1 can be used by a 5GC NF involved in 5GC location services to get optional assistance from NWDAF as shown below.
Reproduction of 3GPP TS 23.273, Fig. 6.21-1: Procedure for NWDAF assistance to location services
Step 1.
The AMF may invoke Nlmf_Location_DeterminationLocation service operation towards the LMF to request the current location of the UE.
Step 2.
Assistance from NWDAF for location services may be requested from the LMF and/or AMF.
Step 3.
The LMF may trigger UE positioning.
Step 4.
The LMF may return the location estimate to AMF as specified in clause 8.3.2.

6.21.1  Location Accuracy Analytics Retrieval by LMFp. 144

LMF may request Location Accuracy Analytics from NWDAF to retrieve the location accuracy.
The procedure to request Location accuracy analytics by LMF is referred to clause 6.17.4 of TS 23.288. In Figure 6.17.4-1 of TS 23.288 the Analytics consumer is replaced by LMF. Pre-condition of the procedure is NWDAF has a trained supervised ML model for deriving Location Accuracy Analytics.

6.21.2  UE Mobility Analytics Retrieval by AMFp. 144

AMF may request assistance for UE location verification for NR satellite access as described in clause 6.10.1 by requesting or subscribing to UE mobility analytics from NWDAF. With NWDAF-based UE location statistics and predictions and UE location estimated by LMF, AMF can further assist UE location verification for NR satellite access.

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