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3GPP 24-series — UE-to-Network Signalling Protocols – Stage 3

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Most of the Technical Specifications in this range were initially assigned to Common IMS for Rel‑7 and are historical by now. A few other numbers are assigned in this range for "active" Specifications.

TISPAN Common IMS Rel-7 transitory specifications (1)

TS 24.403CT1Rel‑7
IP Multimedia Call Control Protocol based on SIP and SDP

TS 24.404CT1Rel‑7
PSTN/ISDN simulation services: CDIV

TS 24.405CT1Rel‑7
PSTN/ISDN simulation services: CONF

TS 24.406CT1Rel‑7 → 8
PSTN/ISDN simulation services: MWI

TS 24.407CT1Rel‑7 → 8
PSTN/ISDN simulation services: OIP and OIR

TS 24.408CT1Rel‑7
PSTN/ISDN simulation services: TIP and TIR

TS 24.410CT1Rel‑7 → 8
PSTN/ISDN simulation services: HOLD

TS 24.411CT1Rel‑7 → 8
PSTN/ISDN simulation services: ACR and CB

TS 24.416CT1Rel‑7
PSTN/ISDN simulation services: MCID

TS 24.417CT1Rel‑14 → 16
Management Object (MO) for
Originating Identification Presentation (OIP) and
Originating Identification Restriction (OIR)
using IMS

TISPAN Common IMS Rel-7 transitory specifications (2)

TS 24.423CT1Rel‑7 → 8
PSTN/ISDN simulation services: XCAP over the Ut interface

TS 24.424CT1Rel‑14 → 16
Management Object
for XCAP over the Ut interface
for Manipulating Supplementary Services

TISPAN Common IMS Rel-7 transitory specifications (3)

TS 24.428CT1Rel‑7
Common Basic Communication procedures

TS 24.429CT1Rel‑7
PSTN/ISDN simulation services: ECT

TS 24.430CT1Rel‑7 → 8
Presence Service Capability

TS 24.441CT1Rel‑7 → 8
Messaging service using IMS

TS 24.447CT1Rel‑8
NGN IMS Supplementary Services — AOC

TS 24.451CT1Rel‑8
Support of SMS and MMS over NGN IMS subsystem

TS 24.454CT1Rel‑8
PSTN/ISDN simulation services: CUG

Mission Critical Services (MCS)

TS 24.481CT1Rel‑13 → 16
Group Management

TS 24.482CT1Rel‑13 → 15
Identity Management

TS 24.483CT1Rel‑13 → 16
Management Object

TS 24.484CT1Rel‑13 → 16
Configuration Management