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TS 24.022CT3
Radio Link Protocol (RLP)
for Circuit Switched Bearer and Teleservices

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Rapporteur:  Dr. Belling, Thomas

This TS specifies the Radio Link Protocol (RLP) for circuit switched data transmission within a PLMN. RLP provides to its users the OSI Data Link Service.
RLP is intended for use with non-transparent data-transfer. Protocol conversion may be provided for a variety of protocol configurations. Those foreseen immediately are:
  • character-mode protocols using start-stop transmission (IA5);
  • X.25 LAP-B.
For reasons of better presentation, material about protocol conversion has been placed within those specifications concerned with the relevant Terminal Adapters, i.e. TS 27.002 for the asynchronous case and TS 27.003 for the synchronous case. Care must be taken that that material also applies to Interworking Functions; see TS 29.007.
This TS is valid for a PLMN in A/Gb mode as well as in Iu mode. If text applies only for one of these systems it is explicitly mentioned by using the terms "A/Gb mode" and "Iu mode". Please note, that the Gb interface does not play any role in the scope of the present document although the term "A/Gb mode" is used.

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1  ScopeWord-p. 6
2  References
3  IntroductionWord-p. 9
4  Frame structureWord-p. 10
5  Elements and procedureWord-p. 11
5.1  Modes
5.2  Header and parametersWord-p. 12
5.3  Error Recovery
5.4  Transitions between 240 bit and 576 bit frame lengthsWord-p. 19
5.5  List of system parameters
5.6  Support for discontinuous transmission (DTX)Word-p. 22
6  Service definitions
A  RLP SDL DiagramsWord-p. 29
B  Change historyWord-p. 64

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