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TS 24.167CT1
3GPP IMS Management Object (MO)

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Rapporteur:  Mr. Monrad, Atle

This document defines a mobile device 3GPP IMS Management Object. The management object is compatible with OMA Device Management protocol specifications, version 1.2 and upwards, and is defined using the OMA DM Device Description Framework as described in the Enabler Release Definition OMA-ERELD _DM-V1_2.
The 3GPP IMS Management Object consists of relevant parameters that can be managed for the IM CN Subsystem. This includes the basic framework defined in TS 23.228 and TS 24.229, and early IMS as defined in TS 23.221. This also includes relevant parameters that can be managed for the application of SMS over IP networks defined in TS 24.341.
The IMS Management Object defines a repository of data into the ME including parameters that are provisioned from the ISIM application (i.e. TS 31.103) or, after derivation, from the USIM application (i.e. TS 31.102).