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TS 24.292 (CT1)
ICS – IMS Centralized Services –
Stage 3

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V14.1.0  2017/06  187 p.
V13.4.0  2016/09  186 p.
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Rapporteur:  Dr. Axell, Jörgen
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IP Multimedia (IM) Core Network (CN) subsystem centralized services (ICS) allow for the delivery of consistent IMS services to the user regardless of the attached access type (e.g. CS domain access or IP-CAN).

This TS provides the protocol details for the realization of ICS based on the Session Initiation protocol (SIP), the Session Description Protocol (SDP), the I1 protocol, and the protocols of the 3GPP Circuit-Switched (CS) domain (e.g. CAP, MAP, ISUP, BICC and the NAS call control protocol for the CS access).

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1  Scope [R8]Word-p. 8
2  References [R8]
3  Definitions and abbreviations [R8]Word-p. 10
4  Overview of IP Multimedia (IM) Core Network (CN) subsystem centralized services (ICS) [R8]
5  Functional entities [R8]
6  Roles for registration in the IM CN subsystem [R8]
7  Roles for call origination [R8]
8  Roles for call modifcation initiated from the ICS UE [R8]
9  Roles for call modifcation initiated towards an ICS UE [R8]
10  Roles for call termination [R8]
11  Roles for session release [R8]
12  Supplementary service invocation for ICS [R8]Word-p. 54
12.1  Supplementary service invocation for an ICS UE with IMS sessions using CS bearer
12.2  Supplementary service invocation using the MSC Server enhanced for ICS
12.3  Supplementary service invocation for non ICS UE when attached to an MSC Server not enhanced for ICS
13  Supplementary service configuration for ICS [R8]
A  Example signalling flows [R8]Word-p. 60
A.1  Scope of signalling flows
A.2  Introduction
A.3  Signalling flows for registrationWord-p. 61
A.4  Signalling flows for call originationWord-p. 68
A.5  Signalling flows for call terminationWord-p. 107
A.6  Signalling flows for supplementary service invocation for ICSWord-p. 155
B (Normative)  Media feature tags and feature-capability indicators defined within the current document [R8]Word-p. 177
C  Change historyWord-p. 179

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