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TS 24.281 (CT1)
Mission Critical Video (MCVideo) Signalling Control –
Protocol specification

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V16.0.0 (Wzip)2019/06  445 p.
V15.5.0 (PDF)2019/06  447 p.
V14.7.02019/06  378 p.

Rapporteur:  Mr. Wei, haitao

The present document specifies the signalling control needed to support Mission Critical Video (MCVideo) service. The MCVideo service and its associated media plane control protocols can be used for public safety applications and also for general commercial applications (e.g., utility companies and railways). The present document is applicable to User Equipment (UE) supporting MCVideo client, and MCVideo server.

short Table of Contents for  TS 24.281  Word version:   16.0.0

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1  Scope [R14]Word-p. 22
2  References [R14]Word-p. 22
3  Definitions, symbols and abbreviations [R14]Word-p. 25
4  General [R14]Word-p. 28
5  Functional entities [R14]Word-p. 40
6  Common procedures [R14]Word-p. 43
7  Registration and service authorisation [R14]Word-p. 113
8  Affiliation [R14]Word-p. 126
9  Group call [R14]Word-p. 158
10  Private call [R14]Word-p. 264
11  Emergency Alert [R14]Word-p. 304
12  Video Pull [R14]Word-p. 319
13  Video Push [R14]Word-p. 323
14  Capability information sharing [R14]Word-p. 331
15  Ambient viewing call [R14]Word-p. 331
16  Use of MBMS transmission (on-network) [R14]Word-p. 348
17  Off-network message formats [R14]Word-p. 360
18  Location procedures [R15]Word-p. 378
19  MCVideo Service Continuity [R15]Word-p. 382
A  Signalling flows [R14]Word-p. 385
B  Timers [R14]Word-p. 386
C (Normative)  Counters [R14]Word-p. 393
D (Normative)  Media feature tags and feature-capability indicators used within the current document [R14]Word-p. 395
E (Normative)  ICSI values defined within the current document [R14]Word-p. 397
F (Normative)  XML schemas [R14]Word-p. 398
G  On-network emergency and imminent peril related states [R14]Word-p. 427
H  On-network routing considerations [R14]Word-p. 437
I  INFO packages defined in the present document [R14]Word-p. 440
J  Change historyWord-p. 443

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