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TS 24.484CT1
Mission Critical Services (MCS)
Configuration Management

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Rapporteur:  Mr. Oprescu, Val

The present document specifies the configuration management documents and protocols needed to support Mission critical service online configuration over the CSC-4 and CSC-5 reference points and the procedures to support Mission critical service offline configuration over the CSC-11and CSC-12 reference points.

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1  ScopeWord-p. 10
2  References
3  Definitions and abbreviationsWord-p. 12
4  GeneralWord-p. 13
5  Functional entitiesWord-p. 19
6  Procedures
6.1  Introduction
6.2  Common proceduresWord-p. 21
6.3  Configuration management procedures
6.3.1  General
6.3.2  Configuration management document creation procedureWord-p. 22
6.3.3  Configuration management document retrieval procedureUp
6.3.4  Configuration management document update procedure
6.3.5  Configuration management document deletion procedure
6.3.6  Configuration management document element creation or replacement procedure
6.3.7  Configuration management document element deletion procedureWord-p. 24
6.3.8  Configuration management document element fetching procedure
6.3.9  Configuration management document attribute creation or replacement procedureWord-p. 25
6.3.10  Configuration management document attribute deletion procedureUp
6.3.11  Configuration management document attribute fetching procedure
6.3.12  Configuration management document namespace binding fetching procedure
6.3.13  Configuration management subscription and notification procedureWord-p. 27
7  Common configuration management documentsWord-p. 31
8  MCPTT configuration management documents [R14]Word-p. 48
8.1  Introduction
8.2  MCPTT UE configuration document
8.3  MCPTT user profile configuration documentUp
8.4  MCPTT service configuration documentWord-p. 83
9  MCVideo configuration management documents [R14]
9.1  Introduction
9.2  MCVideo UE configuration document
9.3  MCVideo user profile configuration documentWord-p. 104
9.4  MCVideo service configuration documentWord-p. 122
10  MCData configuration management documents [R14]Up
10.1  Introduction
10.2  MCData UE configuration documentWord-p. 129
10.3  MCData user profile configuration document
10.4  MCData service configuration document
A  Signalling flowsWord-p. 161
B  IANA registration templatesWord-p. 186
C  Change historyWord-p. 202

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