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A (Normative)  Access specific aspects (GPRS) |R8|Word‑p. 233

A.0  Scope

A.1  Reference model

A.2  Functional elements

A.3  PCC procedures

A.3.1  Request for PCC rules

A.3.2  Provisioning of PCC rulesWord‑p. 234

A.3.3  Provisioning and Policy Enforcement of Authorized QoS

A.3.4  Indication of IP-CAN Bearer Termination Implications

A.3.5  Indication of IP-CAN Session Termination

A.3.6  Request of IP-CAN Bearer Termination

A.3.7  Request of IP-CAN Session TerminationWord‑p. 239

A.3.8  Bearer Control Mode Selection

A.3.9  Bearer Binding MechanismWord‑p. 240


A.3.11  PCC Rule Error Handling

A.3.12  IMS Emergency Session Support

A.3.13  Removal of PCC Rules for Emergency Services |R9|Word‑p. 241

A.3.14  Removal of PCC Rules at Gx session termination |R9|

A.3.15  IMS Restoration Support |R9|

A.3.16  Provisioning of CSG information reporting indication |R9|

A.3.17  Packet-Filter-Usage AVP |R9|

A.3.18  Precedence handling |R9|

A.3.19  Reporting Access Network Information |R9|Word‑p. 242

A.3.20  User CSG Information Reporting |R11|

A.3.21  IMS RLOS Support |R16|

A.4  QoS mapping

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