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TS 29.212CT3
Policy and Charging Control (PCC)
Reference Points

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V15.9.0 (PDF)  2019/12  296 p.
V14.11.0  2019/09  289 p.
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Rapporteur:  Dr. Belling, Thomas

This TS provides the stage 3 specification of the Gx (PCRF-PCEF), Gxx (PCRF-BBERF), Sd (PCRF-TDF) and St (PCRF-TSSF) reference points.

short Table of Contents for  TS 29.212  Word version:   16.2.0

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1  ScopeWord-p. 16
2  ReferencesWord-p. 16
3  Definitions and abbreviationsWord-p. 18
4  Gx reference pointWord-p. 21
4.1  OverviewWord-p. 21
4.2  Gx Reference modelWord-p. 21
4.3  PCC RulesWord-p. 21
4.3a  IP flow mobility routing rules [R10]Word-p. 24
4.3c  NBIFOM routing rules [R13]Word-p. 26
4.4  Functional elementsWord-p. 27
4.5  PCC procedures over Gx reference pointWord-p. 29
4a  Gxx reference points [R8]Word-p. 75
4a.1  OverviewWord-p. 75
4a.2  Gxx Reference modelWord-p. 76
4a.3  Quality of Service Control RulesUpWord-p. 76
4a.4  Functional elementsWord-p. 77
4a.5  PCC procedures over Gxx reference pointsWord-p. 78
4b  Sd reference point [R11]Word-p. 95
4b.1  OverviewUpWord-p. 95
4b.2  Sd Reference modelWord-p. 95
4b.3  Application Detection and Control RulesWord-p. 96
4b.4  Functional elementsWord-p. 98
4b.5  ADC procedures over Sd reference point for solicited application reportingWord-p. 100
4b.5a  ADC procedures over Sd reference point for unsolicited application reportingWord-p. 113
4c  St reference point [R13]Word-p. 114
4c.1  OverviewUpWord-p. 114
4c.2  St Reference modelWord-p. 114
4c.3  Functional elementsWord-p. 114
4c.4  Procedures over St reference pointWord-p. 115
5  Gx protocolUpWord-p. 117
5a  Gxx protocols [R8]UpWord-p. 191
5b  Sd protocol [R11]Word-p. 204
5c  St Diameter protocol [R13]Word-p. 222
A (Normative)  Access specific aspects (GPRS) [R8]Word-p. 230
B (Normative)  Access specific aspects, 3GPP (GERAN/UTRAN/E-UTRAN) EPS [R8]Word-p. 241
C  Mapping table for type of access networks [R8]Word-p. 253
D (Normative)  Access specific aspects (EPC-based Non-3GPP) [R8]Word-p. 254
E (Normative)  Access specific aspects, Fixed Broadband Access interworking with EPC [R11]Word-p. 258
F  Disabling/re-enabling Usage Monitoring for a PCC/ADC rule [R12]Word-p. 273
G (Normative)  Access specific aspects, Fixed Broadband Access network convergence [R12]Word-p. 274
H  Policy Control for Remote UEs behind a ProSe UE-to-network relay UE [R13]Word-p. 282
I  Change historyWord-p. 283

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