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B (Normative)  Access specific aspects, 3GPP (GERAN/UTRAN/E-UTRAN) EPS |R8|p. 245

B.1  Scopep. 245

B.2  Functional Elementsp. 245

B.2.1  PCRFp. 245

B.2.2  PCEFp. 245

B.2.3  BBERFp. 245

B.3  PCC proceduresp. 245

B.3.1  Request for PCC and/or QoS rulesp. 245

B.3.2  Provisioning of PCC and/or QoS rulesp. 246

B.3.3  Provisioning and Policy Enforcement of Authorized QoSp. 247

B.3.4  Packet-Filter-Information AVPp. 251

B.3.5  Bearer Control Mode Selectionp. 251

B.3.6  Trace activation/deactivation at P-GWp. 251

B.3.7  IMS Restoration Supportp. 251

B.3.8  Provisioning of CSG information reporting indication |R9|p. 251

B.3.9  Packet-Filter-Usage AVP |R9|p. 251

B.3.10  User CSG Information Reporting |R9|p. 251

B.3.11  Request of IP-CAN Bearer Termination |R9|p. 252

B.3.12  CS to PS handover |R9|p. 252

B.3.13  Precedence handling |R11|p. 252

B.3.14  S-GW Restoration Support |R11|p. 253

B.3.15  Reporting Access Network Information |R11|p. 254

B.3.16  Presence Reporting Area Information reporting |R12|p. 254

B.3.17  Multiple Presence Reporting Area Information reporting |R14|p. 255

B.3.18  RAN Information Support |R15|p. 256

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