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Content for  TS 29.212  Word version:  17.1.0

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4a  Gxx reference points |R8|Word‑p. 77

4a.1  Overview

4a.2  Gxx Reference model

4a.3  Quality of Service Control Rules

4a.4  Functional elementsWord‑p. 79

4a.5  PCC procedures over Gxx reference pointsWord‑p. 80

4a.5.1  Gateway control and QoS Rules Request

4a.5.2  Gateway control and QoS Rules ProvisionWord‑p. 81

4a.5.3  Gateway Control Session Termination

4a.5.4  Request of Gateway Control Session Termination

4a.5.5  QoS Control Rule error handling

4a.5.6  Gateway Control session to Gx session linking

4a.5.7  Multiple BBF supportWord‑p. 85

4a.5.8  Provisioning of Event TriggersWord‑p. 87

4a.5.9  Bearer Control Mode Selection

4a.5.10  Provisioning and Policy Enforcement of Authorized QoSWord‑p. 88

4a.5.11  Trace activation/deactivation

4a.5.12  IMS Emergency Session Support

4a.5.13  Time of the day procedures |R9|

4a.5.14  Multimedia Priority Support |R10|Word‑p. 92

4a.5.15  PCRF Failure and Restoration |R10|

4a.5.16  Reporting Access Network Information |R11|

4a.5.17  Resource reservation for services sharing priority |R13|Word‑p. 94

4a.5.18  Support for QoS rule versioning |R14|Word‑p. 95

4a.5.19  Extended bandwidth support for EPC supporting Dual Connectivity (E-UTRAN and 5G NR) |R15|Word‑p. 96

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