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4b  Sd reference point [R11]
4b.1  OverviewUp
4b.2  Sd Reference model
4b.3  Application Detection and Control RulesWord-p. 96
4b.4  Functional elements
4b.5  ADC procedures over Sd reference point for solicited application reportingWord-p. 100
4b.5.1  Provisioning of ADC rulesUp
4b.5.2  Request for ADC rules
4b.5.3  Provisioning of Event Triggers
4b.5.4  Request of TDF Session TerminationWord-p. 103
4b.5.5  ADC Rule Error HandlingUp
4b.5.6  Requesting Usage Monitoring ControlWord-p. 104
4b.5.7  Reporting Accumulated UsageWord-p. 105
4b.5.8  Provisioning of Event Report IndicationUp
4b.5.9  Application Detection InformationWord-p. 108
4b.5.10  Time of the day proceduresWord-p. 109
4b.5.11  PCRF Failure and RestorationWord-p. 110
4b.5.12  Bandwidth limitation function [R12]
4b.5.13  Provisioning of charging related information for the TDF session [R12]
4b.5.14  Downlink packet marking by the TDF [R13]
4b.5.15  Traffic steering control support [R13]Up
4b.5.16  Sponsored Data Connectivity [R14]Word-p. 112
4b.5.17  Extended bandwidth support for EPC supporting Dual Connectivity (E-UTRAN and 5G NR) [R15]
4b.5a  ADC procedures over Sd reference point for unsolicited application reportingWord-p. 113
4c  St reference point [R13]Word-p. 114

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