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4b  Sd reference point |R11|

4b.1  Overview

4b.2  Sd Reference modelWord‑p. 97

4b.3  Application Detection and Control Rules

4b.4  Functional elementsWord‑p. 100

4b.5  ADC procedures over Sd reference point for solicited application reportingWord‑p. 101

4b.5.1  Provisioning of ADC rules

4b.5.2  Request for ADC rules

4b.5.3  Provisioning of Event Triggers

4b.5.4  Request of TDF Session Termination

4b.5.5  ADC Rule Error HandlingWord‑p. 105

4b.5.6  Requesting Usage Monitoring Control

4b.5.7  Reporting Accumulated UsageWord‑p. 107

4b.5.8  Provisioning of Event Report IndicationWord‑p. 109

4b.5.9  Application Detection InformationWord‑p. 110

4b.5.10  Time of the day procedures

4b.5.11  PCRF Failure and RestorationWord‑p. 111

4b.5.12  Bandwidth limitation function |R12|

4b.5.13  Provisioning of charging related information for the TDF session |R12|Word‑p. 112

4b.5.14  Downlink packet marking by the TDF |R13|

4b.5.15  Traffic steering control support |R13|Word‑p. 113

4b.5.16  Sponsored Data Connectivity |R14|

4b.5.17  Extended bandwidth support for EPC supporting Dual Connectivity (E-UTRAN and 5G NR) |R15|Word‑p. 114

4b.5a  ADC procedures over Sd reference point for unsolicited application reporting

4c  St reference point |R13|

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