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TS 29.213CT3
Policy and Charging Control (PCC)
Signalling Flows and QoS Parameter Mapping

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V15.6.0 (PDF)  2019/09  239 p.
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Rapporteur:  Miss Fernandez, Susana

The present specification adds detailed flows of Policy and Charging Control (PCC) over the Diameter-based Rx,  Gx,  Gxx,  Sd,  Sy,  S9,  Nt,  St  and  Np  reference points and their relationship with the bearer level signalling flows over the Gn/Gp,  S4,  S5/S8,  S2a  and  S2c  interfaces. The calls flows depicted in this TS represent usual cases, i.e. not all situations are covered.

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1  ScopeWord-p. 10
2  ReferencesWord-p. 10
3  Definitions and abbreviationsWord-p. 12
3a  Reference architecture [R13]Word-p. 14
4  Signalling Flows over Gx, Gxx, Rx, Sd, Sy, Np, Nt, St and S9Word-p. 17
4.0  General [R8]Word-p. 17
4.1  IP-CAN Session EstablishmentWord-p. 18
4.2  IP-CAN Session TerminationWord-p. 22
4.3  IP-CAN Session ModificationWord-p. 34
4.4  Gateway Control Session Procedures [R8]Word-p. 54
4.5  Multiple BBERF Signalling Flows [R8]Word-p. 66
4.6  Application Detection and Enforcement Procedures [R11]Word-p. 81
4.7  Spending limits Procedures over Sy reference point [R11]Word-p. 86
4.8  Call flows for User Plane Congestion Management [R13]Word-p. 88
4.9  Traffic Steering Control Procedures over St reference point [R13]Word-p. 91
4.10  Negotiation for future background data transfer procedure over Nt reference point [R13]Word-p. 94
5  Binding MechanismWord-p. 94
6  QoS Parameters MappingWord-p. 98
7  PCRF addressing [R8]Word-p. 129
8  Diameter race condition handling [R12]Word-p. 146
A  Examples of deriving the Maximum Authorized parameters from the SDP parametersWord-p. 148
B (Normative)  Signalling Flows for IMSWord-p. 149
C (Normative)  NAT Related ProceduresWord-p. 173
D (Normative)  Access specific procedures for GPRS [R8]Word-p. 177
E (Normative)  Fixed Broadband Access Interworking with EPC [R11]Word-p. 184
F (Normative)  Access specific aspects, Fixed Broadband Access network convergence [R12]Word-p. 220
G (Normative)  Diameter overload control mechanism [R12]Word-p. 224
H (Normative)  Access specific procedures for 3GPP EPS [R12]Word-p. 226
I (Normative)  APN matching procedures [R13]Word-p. 227
J (Normative)  Diameter message priority mechanism [R13]Word-p. 227
K (Normative)  Diameter load control mechanism [R14]Word-p. 228
L  Change historyWord-p. 230

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