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inside the 3GPP Standardization environment
in order to ease the follow-up of 5G standards

The 3GPP has published (see Info) around 1600 Specifications (TS) and 1000 Reports (TR). Quarterly, following the Plenary Meetings, new TS/TR or new release versions of existing TS/TR are published. Out of the 1600 TS, about 500 are "living", i.e. frequently updated, and there are around 100 TR (studies) for Rel-16 and Rel-17.
So far, this site has provided an overview for each series, and a descriptor for each TS/TR, including a table of contents (ToC) with an indicator showing the evolution at each release.
However, what is really useful is to have access to the content of the specifications and reports and to have the possibility to navigate from one document to another via the links to clauses, figures and tables. Where relevant, it is also useful to access to IETF RFCs within this site, and this is why we have re-introduced RFCs, in spite of the major RFCv3 change.
Therefore, we are adapting the 3GPP environment in order to be able to gradually display the content for the specifications and recent reports. The challenge right now is to deliver ASAP a consistent 3GPP environment, taking into account the CSS, the consistency of links, HTACCESS issues, and the 2Q20 versions published with the freezing of Release 16.
The next update for the 3GPP part should be end August, and conversely to what was mentioned these past weeks on this home page, there will not be a membership system.
So far, full content is available for the following 1Q20 5G specifications:
TS 23.501
5GS Architecture
TS 23.502
5GS Procedures
TS 23.503
PCC for 5GS
supplemented with, for architecture and procedures:
TS 23.273
5GS Location Services
TS 23.288
5GS to support Network Data Analytics Services
TS 23.316
Wireless and Wireline Convergence Access Support for the 5G System
and, so far:
TS 22.261
Service Requirements for the 5G System
TS 23.222
Common API Framework for 3GPP Northbound APIs
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