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A (Normative)  Test Casesp. 423

B (Normative)  Conditions for RRM requirements applicability for operating bandsp. 1787

B.1  Conditions for NR RRC_IDLE state mobilityp. 1787

B.2  Conditions for UE measurements procedures and performance requirements in RRC_CONNECTED statep. 1788

B.2.1  Introductionp. 1788

B.2.2  Conditions for NR intra-frequency measurementsp. 1792

B.2.3  Conditions for NR inter-frequency measurementsp. 1793

B.2.4  Conditions for NR L1-RSRP reportingp. 1794

B.2.5  Conditions for RRC connection release with redirection to NRp. 1796


B.2.8  Conditions for NR L1-SINR reportingp. 1799

B.2.9  Conditions for NR intra-frequency measurements under CCAp. 1804

B.2.10  Conditions for NR inter-frequency measurements under CCAp. 1804

B.2.11  Conditions for NR L1-RSRP reporting under CCAp. 1804

B.2.12  Conditions for NR CSI-RS based intra-frequency measurementsp. 1805

B.2.13  Conditions for NR CSI-RS based inter-frequency measurementsp. 1806

B.2.14  Conditions for NR PRS-based measurementsp. 1808

B.3  RRM Requirements Exceptionsp. 1809

B.4  Conditions for V2Xp. 1811

$  Change historyp. 1814

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