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A Test CasesA.1 Purpose of annexA.2 Requirement classification for statistical testingA.3 RRM test configurationsA.3.1 Reference measurement channelsA.3.1A Reference measurement channels under CCAA.3.3 Reference DRX configurationsA.3.4 Test Cases with Different Channel BandwidthsA.3.5 Test Cases for Synchronous and Asynchronous DC OperationsA.3.6 Antenna configurationsA.3.6A Antenna configurations with unlicensed bandsA.3.7 EN-DC test setupA.3.7A NR FR1-FR2 test setupA.3.7B EN-DC test setup with unlicensed bandsA.3.7C LTE-FR1/FR2 test setupA.3.7D NE-DC test setupA.3.8 PRACH configurationsA.3.8A PRACH configurations under CCAA.3.9 BWP configurationsA.3.9A BWP configurations for RedCapA.3.10 SSB ConfigurationsA.3.10A SSB Configurations under CCAA.3.10B SSB Configurations for RedCapA.3.11 SMTC ConfigurationsA.3.11A SMTC Configurations for RedCapA.3.12 Test Cases with Different CC ConfigurationsA.3.13 Test Cases in SA and EN-DC OperationsA.3.13A Test Cases involving E-UTRA/FR1 and FR2 carriersA.3.13B Test Cases for EN-DC and NE-DC OperationsA.3.14 CSI-RS configurationsA.3.15 Angle of Arrival (AoA) for FR2 RRM test casesA.3.16 TCI State ConfigurationA.3.16A Unified TCI State ConfigurationA.3.17 Configurations of CSI-RS for trackingA.3.18 Additional definitions related to OTA testing for FR2 RRM test casesA.3.19 Test applicability for DAPS handoverA.3.20 MsgA configurationsA.3.20A MsgA configurations under CCAA.3.21 V2X sidelink communicationA.3.22 CSI-IM configurationsA.3.23 Spatial Relation ConfigurationA.3.24 SRS configurationA.3.25 Channel bandwidth (CBW) configurationsA.3.26 CCA modelA.3.27 Test Cases with at Least One Cell on a Carrier Frequency with CCAA.3.28 Discovery Burst Transmission Window configuration under CCAA.3.29 Testing principles for UE capable of only NR bands with shared spectrum accessA.3.30 CSI-RS configurations for RRMA.3.31 PRS ConfigurationsA.3.32 NR sidelink discoveryA.3.33 PRS Processing Window (PPW) configurationsA.3.34 Testing principles for test cases related to PRS measurementsA.3.35 Testing principle for RedCap UEA.3.36 Testing related to Satellite access


A (Normative)  Test Casesp. 1130

A.1  Purpose of annexp. 1130

A.2  Requirement classification for statistical testingp. 1130

A.3  RRM test configurationsp. 1132

A.3.1  Reference measurement channelsp. 1132

A.3.1A  Reference measurement channels under CCAp. 1146

A.3.3  Reference DRX configurationsp. 1152

A.3.4  Test Cases with Different Channel Bandwidthsp. 1157

A.3.5  Test Cases for Synchronous and Asynchronous DC Operationsp. 1157

A.3.6  Antenna configurationsp. 1157

A.3.6A  Antenna configurations with unlicensed bandsp. 1161

A.3.7  EN-DC test setupp. 1163

A.3.7A  NR FR1-FR2 test setupp. 1165

A.3.7B  EN-DC test setup with unlicensed bandsp. 1166

A.3.7C  LTE-FR1/FR2 test setupp. 1167

A.3.7D  NE-DC test setupp. 1167

A.3.8  PRACH configurationsp. 1167

A.3.8A  PRACH configurations under CCAp. 1175

A.3.9  BWP configurationsp. 1177

A.3.9A  BWP configurations for RedCapp. 1179

A.3.10  SSB Configurationsp. 1181

A.3.10.1  SSB Configurations for FR1p. 1181

A.3.10.2  SSB Configurations for FR2p. 1185

A.3.10A  SSB Configurations under CCAp. 1194

A.3.10B  SSB Configurations for RedCapp. 1196

A.3.11  SMTC Configurationsp. 1202

A.3.11A  SMTC Configurations for RedCapp. 1204

A.3.12  Test Cases with Different CC Configurationsp. 1204

A.3.13  Test Cases in SA and EN-DC Operationsp. 1205

A.3.13A  Test Cases involving E-UTRA/FR1 and FR2 carriersp. 1206

A.3.13B  Test Cases for EN-DC and NE-DC Operationsp. 1207

A.3.14  CSI-RS configurationsp. 1208

A.3.14.1  FDDp. 1208

A.3.14.2  TDDp. 1210

A.3.15  Angle of Arrival (AoA) for FR2 RRM test casesp. 1216

A.3.16  TCI State Configurationp. 1218

A.3.16A  Unified TCI State Configurationp. 1218

A.3.17  Configurations of CSI-RS for trackingp. 1220

A.3.18  Additional definitions related to OTA testing for FR2 RRM test casesp. 1225

A.3.19  Test applicability for DAPS handoverp. 1225

A.3.20  MsgA configurationsp. 1226

A.3.20A  MsgA configurations under CCAp. 1232

A.3.21  V2X sidelink communicationp. 1236

A.3.22  CSI-IM configurationsp. 1241

A.3.22.1  FDDp. 1241

A.3.22.2  TDDp. 1242

A.3.23  Spatial Relation Configurationp. 1243

A.3.24  SRS configurationp. 1245

A.3.25  Channel bandwidth (CBW) configurationsp. 1247

A.3.26  CCA modelp. 1248

A.3.27  Test Cases with at Least One Cell on a Carrier Frequency with CCAp. 1251

A.3.28  Discovery Burst Transmission Window configuration under CCAp. 1252

A.3.29  Testing principles for UE capable of only NR bands with shared spectrum accessp. 1252

A.3.30  CSI-RS configurations for RRMp. 1254

A.3.30.1  FDDp. 1254

A.3.30.2  TDDp. 1255

A.3.31  PRS Configurationsp. 1257

A.3.32  NR sidelink discoveryp. 1258

A.3.33  PRS Processing Window (PPW) configurationsp. 1259

A.3.34  Testing principles for test cases related to PRS measurementsp. 1259

A.3.35  Testing principle for RedCap UEp. 1261

A.3.36  Testing related to Satellite accessp. 1261

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