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6.3  Output power dynamicsp. 587

6.3A  Output power dynamics for CAp. 596

6.3A.1  Minimum output power for CAp. 596

6.3A.2  Transmit OFF power for CAp. 597

6.3A.3  Transmit ON/OFF time mask for CAp. 597

6.3A.4  Power control for CAp. 608

6.3B  Output power dynamics for NR-DCp. 609

6.3C  Output power dynamics for SULp. 609

6.3D  Output power dynamics for UL MIMOp. 619

6.3E  Output power dynamics for V2Xp. 620

6.3E.1  Minimum output power for V2Xp. 620

6.3E.1F  Minimum output power for Sidelink Unlicensedp. 620

6.3E.2  Transmit OFF power for V2Xp. 621

6.3E.2F  Transmit OFF power for Sidelink Unlicensedp. 621

6.3E.3  Transmit ON/OFF time mask for V2Xp. 622

6.3E.3F  Transmit ON/OFF time mask for Sidelink Unlicensedp. 624

6.3E.4  Power control for V2Xp. 625

6.3E.4F  Power control for Sidelink Unlicensedp. 626

6.3F  Output power dynamics for shared spectrum channel accessp. 626

6.3G  Output power dynamics for Tx Diversityp. 628

6.3H  Output power dynamics for CA with UL MIMOp. 628

6.3I  (Reserved)p. 629

6.3J  Output power dynamics for ATGp. 629

6.3K  (Reserved)p. 631

6.3L  Output power dynamics for CA with Tx Diversityp. 631

6.4  Transmit signal qualityp. 631

6.4A  Transmit signal quality for CAp. 639

6.4B  Transmit signal quality for NR-DCp. 646

6.4C  Transmit signal quality for SULp. 646

6.4D  Transmit signal quality for UL MIMOp. 646

6.4E  Transmit signal quality for V2Xp. 648

6.4F  Transmit signal quality for shared spectrum channel accessp. 651

6.4G  Transmit signal quality for Tx Diversityp. 653

6.4H  Transmit signal quality for CA with UL MIMOp. 654

6.4I  (Reserved)p. 655

6.4J  Transmit signal quality for ATGp. 655

6.4K  (Reserved)p. 656

6.4L  Transmit signal quality for CA with Tx Diversityp. 656

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