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5.2A  Operating bands for CAp. 32

5.2A.0  Generalp. 32

CA operating bands including Band n90 are defined by the corresponding CA operating bands including Band n41 with Band n90 replacing Band n41. For brevity the said CA operating bands including Band n90 are not listed in the tables below but are covered by this specification.

5.2A.1  Intra-band CAp. 32

NR intra-band carrier aggregation is designed to operate in the operating bands defined in Table 5.2A.1-1 and Table 5.2A.1-2, where all operating bands are within FR1.
NR CA Band NR Band
(Table 5.2-1)
The minimum requirements only apply for non simultaneous Tx/Rx between all carriers for TDD combinations.
NR CA Band NR Band (Table 5.2-1)
The minimum requirements only apply for non simultaneous Tx/Rx between all carriers for TDD combinations.
The notation CA_nX(*) in this table indicates intra-band non-contiguous CA for band nX. The configurations for each band are in clause 5.5A.2.

5.2A.2  Inter-band CAp. 33

NR inter-band carrier aggregation is designed to operate in the operating bands defined in Table 5.2A.2.1-1, Table 5.2A.2.2-1 and Table 5.2A.2.3-1, where all operating bands are within FR1.
If the mandatory simultaneous Rx/Tx capability applies for a lower order band combination, when the applicable lower order band combination is a band pair in a higher order band combination, the mandatory simultaneous Rx/Tx capability also applies for the band pair in the higher order band combination.

5.2A.2.1  Inter-band CA (two bands)p. 34

NR CA Band NR Band (Table 5.2-1) DL interruption allowed (Note 8)
CA_n1-n3n1, n3
CA_n1-n5n1, n5
CA_n1-n7n1, n7
CA_n1-n8n1, n8
CA_n1-n18n1, n18
CA_n1-n20n1, n20
CA_n1-n26n1, n26
CA_n1-n28n1, n28
CA_n1-n38n1, n38
CA_n1-n40n1, n40
CA_n1-n41 1n1, n41
CA_n1-n46n1, n46
CA_n1-n67n1, n67
CA_n1-n74n1, n74
CA_n1-n75n1, n75
CA_n1-n77 1n1, n77No
CA_n1-n78 1n1, n78No
CA_n1-n79 1n1, n79No
CA_n1-n102n1, n102
CA_n1-n105n1, n105
CA_n2-n5n2, n5
CA_n2-n7n2, n7
CA_n2-n12n2, n12
CA_n2-n14n2, n14
CA_n2-n29n2, n29
CA_n2-n30n2, n30
CA_n2-n41n2, n41
CA_n2-n48n2, n48
CA_n2-n66n2, n66
CA_n2-n71n2, n71
CA_n2-n77n2, n77
CA_n2-n78n2, n78
CA_n3-n5n3, n5
CA_n3-n7n3, n7
CA_n3-n8n3, n8
CA_n3-n18n3, n18
CA_n3-n20n3, n20
CA_n3-n26n3, n26
CA_n3-n28n3, n28
CA_n3-n34 1n3, n34
CA_n3-n38n3, n38
CA_n3-n40 1n3, n40No
CA_n3-n41 1n3, n41No
CA_n3-n67n3, n67
CA_n3-n74n3, n74
CA_n3-n75n3, n75
CA_n3-n77 1n3, n77No
CA_n3-n78 1n3, n78No
CA_n3-n79 1n3, n79No
CA_n3-n102n3, n102
CA_n3-n105n3, n105
CA_n5-n7n5, n7
CA_n5-n8n5, n8
CA_n5-n12n5, n12
CA_n5-n14n5, n14
CA_n5-n25n5, n25
CA_n5-n28n5, n28
CA_n5-n29n5, n29
CA_n5-n30n5, n30
CA_n5-n40n5, n40
CA_n5-n41n5, n41
CA_n5-n48n5, n48
CA_n5-n66n5, n66
CA_n5-n71n5, n71
CA_n5-n77 1n5, n77
CA_n5-n78 1n5, n78No
CA_n5-n79 1n5, n79No
CA_n5-n105n5, n105
CA_n7-n8n7, n8
CA_n7-n12n7, n12
CA_n7-n20n7, n20
CA_n7-n25n7, n25
CA_n7-n26n7, n26
CA_n7-n28n7, n28
CA_n7-n40n7, n40
CA_n7-n46 6n7, n46
CA_n7-n66n7, n66
CA_n7-n67n7, n67
CA_n7-n71n7, n71
CA_n7-n75n7, n75
CA_n7-n77n7, n77
CA_n7-n78 1n7, n78
CA_n7-n79n7, n79
CA_n7-n102n7, n102
CA_n7-n105n7, n105
CA_n8-n20n8, n20
CA_n8-n28n8, n28
CA_n8-n34 1n8, n34
CA_n8-n38n8, n38
CA_n8-n39 1n8, n39
CA_n8-n40 1n8, n40
CA_n8-n41 1n8, n41No
CA_n8-n75 1n8, n75
CA_n8-n77 1n8, n77
CA_n8-n78 1n8, n78No
CA_n8-n79 1n8, n79No
CA_n12-n25n12, n25
CA_n12-n30n12, n30
CA_n12-n41n12, n41
CA_n12-n48n12, n48
CA_n12-n66n12, n66
CA_n12-n71n12, n71
CA_n12-n77n12, n77
CA_n12-n78n12, n78
CA_n13-n25n13, n25
CA_n13-n66n13, n66
CA_n13-n77n13, n77
CA_n14-n30n14, n30
CA_n14-n66n14, n66
CA_n14-n77n14, n77
CA_n18-n28n18, n28
CA_n18-n40n18, n40
CA_n18-n41 1n18, n41
CA_n18-n74n18, n74
CA_n18-n77 10n18, n77
CA_n18-n78 11n18, n78
CA_n20-n28 2n20, n28
CA_n20-n40n20, n40
CA_n20-n67n20, n67
CA_n20-n75n20, n75
CA_n20-n78n20, n78
CA_n24-n41n24, n41
CA_n24-n48n24, n48
CA_n24-n77n24, n77
CA_n25-n29n25, n29
CA_n25-n38n25, n38
CA_n25-n41n25, n41
CA_n25-n46 6n25, n46
CA_n25-n48n25, n48
CA_n25-n66n25, n66
CA_n25-n71n25, n71
CA_n25-n77n25, n77
CA_n25-n78n25, n78
CA_n25-n85n25, n85
CA_n26-n28n26, n28
CA_n26-n29n26, n29
CA_n26-n48n26, n48
CA_n26-n66n26, n66
CA_n26-n70n26, n70
CA_n26-n71n26, n71
CA_n26-n77n26, n77
CA_n26-n78n26, n78
CA_n28-n34n28, n34
CA_n28-n38n28, n38
CA_n28-n39n28, n39
CA_n28-n40 1n28, n40
CA_n28-n41 1n28, n41
CA_n28-n46 6n28, n46
CA_n28-n50n28, n50
CA_n28-n71 12n28, n71
CA_n28-n74n28, n74
CA_n28-n75 2n28, n75
CA_n28-n77 1n28, n77No
CA_n28-n78 1n28, n78No
CA_n28-n79 1n28, n79
CA_n28-n94n28, n94
CA_n28-n102n28, n102
CA_n28-n105n28, n105
CA_n29-n30n29, n30
CA_n29-n48n29, n48
CA_n29-n66n29, n66
CA_n29-n70n29, n70
CA_n29-n71n29, n71
CA_n29-n77n29, n77
CA_n30-n66n30, n66
CA_n30-n77n30, n77
CA_n34-n39 9n34, n39
CA_n34-n40n34, n40
CA_n34-n41n34, n41
CA_n34-n79 1n34, n79
CA_n38-n40 9n38, n40
CA_n38-n66n38, n66
CA_n38-n71n38, n71
CA_n38-n78 1n38, n78
CA_n38-n79 1n38, n79
CA_n39-n40n39, n40
CA_n39-n41n39, n41No
CA_n39-n79 1n39, n79No
CA_n40-n41n40, n41
CA_n40-n77 1n40, n77
CA_n40-n78 1n40, n78
CA_n40-n79 1,4n40, n79No
CA_n40-n105n40, n105
CA_n41-n48 1n41, n48
CA_n41-n50 1n41, n50
CA_n41-n66n41, n66
CA_n41-n70n41, n70
CA_n41-n71 1n41, n71
CA_n41-n74n41, n74
CA_n41-n77 1n41, n77
CA_n41-n78 1n41, n78
CA_n41-n79 1,3n41, n79No
CA_n41-n85n41, n85
CA_n46-n48 1,6n46, n48
CA_n46-n66 6n46, n66
CA_n46-n77 1,6n46, n77
CA_n46-n78 1,6n46, n78
CA_n46-n96 15,16,17,18n46, n96
CA_n46-n102 15,16,18,20n46, n102
CA_n48-n539n48, n53
CA_n48-n66n48, n66
CA_n48-n70n48, n70
CA_n48-n71n48, n71
CA_n48-n77 13,14,18n48, n77
CA_n48-n96 1,6n48, n96
CA_n50-n78n50, n78
CA_n66-n70n66, n70
CA_n66-n71n66, n71
CA_n66-n77n66, n77
CA_n66-n78n66, n78
CA_n66-n85n66, n85
CA_n67-n78n67, n78
CA_n70-n71n70, n71
CA_n70-n77n70, n77
CA_n70-n78n70, n78
CA_n71-n77n71, n77
CA_n71-n78n71, n78
CA_n71-n85n71, n85
CA_n74-n77 1n74, n77
CA_n74-n78 1n74, n78
CA_n75-n78 1n75, n78
CA_n76-n78 1n76, n78
CA_n77-n78 7n77, n78
CA_n77-n79 7n77, n79
CA_n77-n85n77, n85
CA_n77-n102n77, n102
CA_n78-n79 5n78, n79
CA_n78-n92n78, n92
CA_n78-n94n78, n94
CA_n78-n102n78, n102
CA_n78-n105n78, n105
Applicable for UE supporting inter-band carrier aggregation with mandatory simultaneous Rx/Tx capability.
The frequency range in band n28 is restricted for this band combination to 703-733 MHz for the UL and 758-788 MHz for the DL.
The frequency range below 2506 MHz for Band n41 is not used in this combination.
Applicable for frequency range above 4800 MHz for Band n79 in this combination.
For UEs supporting band n77, the minimum requirements apply only when there is non-simultaneous Rx/Tx operation between n78-n79 NR carriers. This restriction applies also for these carriers when applicable NR CA configuration is part of a higher order configuration.
The PCell is allocated in the licensed band in this combination.
The minimum requirements apply only when there is non-simultaneous Rx/Tx operation between n77-n78 or n77-n79 NR carriers. This restriction applies also for these carriers when applicable NR CA configuration is part of a higher order configuration.
Applicable when dynamic Tx switching is conducted. The DL interruption requirement is specified in clause of TS 38.133.
Only applicable for UE supporting inter-band carrier aggregation without simultaneous Rx/Tx. Same restrictions are applied when applicable NR CA configuration is part of a higher order configurations.
NOTE 10:
The frequency range in band n77 is restricted for this band combination to 3520-3560 MHz, 3700-3800 MHz, 4000-4100 MHz.
NOTE 11:
The frequency range in band n78 is restricted for this band combination to 3520 -3560 MHz and 3700-3800 MHz.
NOTE 12:
The implementation with 4 antennas is targeted for FWA form factor for this band combination.
NOTE 13:
Simultaneous Rx/Tx capability for TDD combinations does not apply for UEs supporting band n48 with an n77 implementation. Same restrictions are applied when applicable NR CA configuration is part of a higher order configurations.
NOTE 14:
The band n48 and n77 will synchronize their uplink and downlink configurations and in commonly TDD network coordination.
NOTE 15:
Simultaneous Rx/Tx capability does not apply for UEs supporting CA_n46-n96 or CA_n46-n102. Same restrictions are applied when applicable NR CA configuration is part of a higher order configurations.
NOTE 16:
The minimum requirements for intra-band non-contiguous CA/DC apply for CA_n46-n96 or CA_n46-n102 and related higher order CA/DC configurations.
NOTE 17:
The combination is not used alone as fall back mode of other band combinations in which UL in Band 48 is not used.
NOTE 18:
The minimum requirements for inter-band CA apply when the maximum power spectral density imbalance between downlink carriers is within 6 dB. The power spectral density imbalance condition also applies for these carriers when applicable CA configuration is a subset of a higher order CA configuration.
NOTE 19:
NOTE 20:
The combination is not used alone as fall back mode of other band combinations in which UL in Band n78 is not used.

5.2A.2.2  Inter-band CA (three bands)p. 41

NR CA Band NR Band (Table 5.2-1) DL interruption allowed (Note 4)
CA_n1-n3-n5n1, n3, n5
CA_n1-n3-n7n1, n3, n7
CA_n1-n3-n8n1, n3, n8
CA_n1-n3-n18n1, n3, n18
CA_n1-n3-n20n1, n3, n20
CA_n1-n3-n26n1, n3, n26
CA_n1-n3-n28n1, n3, n28
CA_n1-n3-n38n1, n3, n38
CA_n1-n3-n40n1, n3, n40
CA_n1-n3-n41 3n1, n3, n41
CA_n1-n3-n75n1, n3, n75
CA_n1-n3-n77n1, n3, n77
CA_n1-n3-n78 3n1, n3, n78No for CA_n1-n78, CA_n3-n78
CA_n1-n3-n79 3n1, n3, n79
CA_n1-n3-n105n1, n3, n105
CA_n1-n5-n7n1, n5, n7
CA_n1-n5-n28n1, n5, n28
CA_n1-n5-n78n1, n5, n78No for CA_n1-n78, CA_n5-n78
CA_n1-n5-n79n1, n5, n79
CA_n1-n7-n8n1, n7, n8
CA_n1-n7-n28n1, n7, n28
CA_n1-n7-n38n1, n7, n38
CA_n1-n7-n40n1, n7, n40
CA_n1-n7-n67n1, n7, n67
CA_n1-n7-n75n1,n7, n75
CA_n1-n7-n78 3n1, n7, n78
CA_n1-n7-n79n1, n7, n79
CA_n1-n7-n105n1, n7, n105
CA_n1-n8-n28n1, n8, n28
CA_n1-n8-n40n1, n8, n40
CA_n1-n8-n77n1, n8, n77
CA_n1-n8-n78 3n1, n8, n78
CA_n1-n8-n79n1, n8, n79
CA_n1-n18-n28n1, n18, n28
CA_n1-n18-n41n1, n18, n41
CA_n1-n18-n77n1, n18, n77
CA_n1-n20-n67n1, n20, n67
CA_n1-n20-n78n1, n20, n78
CA_n1-n26-n78n1, n26, n78
CA_n1-n28-n38n1, n28, n38
CA_n1-n28-n40n1, n28, n40
CA_n1-n28-n41 3n1, n28, n41
CA_n1-n28-n46n1, n28, n46
CA_n1-n28-n75n1, n28, n75
CA_n1-n28-n77 3n1, n28, n77
CA_n1-n28-n78 3n1, n28, n78
CA_n1-n28-n79 3n1, n28, n79
CA_n1-n28-n102n1, n28, n102
CA_n1-n38-n78n1, n38, n78
CA_n1-n40-n77n1, n40, n77
CA_n1-n40-n78n1, n40, n78
CA_n1-n40-n105n1, n40, n105
CA_n1-n41-n77 3n1, n41, n77
CA_n1-n41-n79n1, n41, n79
CA_n1-n46-n78n1, n46, n78
CA_n1-n67-n78n1, n67, n78
CA_n1-n75-n78n1, n75, n78
CA_n1-n77-n79n1, n77, n79
CA_n1-n78-n79n1, n78, n79
CA_n1-n78-n102n1, n78, n102
CA_n1-n78-n105n1, n78, n105
CA_n2-n5-n30n2, n5, n30
CA_n2-n5-n41n2, n5, n41
CA_n2-n5-n48n2, n5, n48
CA_n2-n5-n66n2, n5, n66
CA_n2-n5-n77n2, n5, n77
CA_n2-n7-n12n2, n7, n12
CA_n2-n7-n66n2, n7, n66
CA_n2-n7-n71n2, n7, n71
CA_n2-n7-n77n2, n7, n77
CA_n2-n12-n30n2, n12, n30
CA_n2-n12-n41n2, n12, n41
CA_n2-n12-n66n2, n12, n66
CA_n2-n12-n71n2, n12, n71
CA_n2-n12-n77n2, n12, n77
CA_n2-n14-n30n2, n14, n30
CA_n2-n14-n66n2, n14, n66
CA_n2-n14-n77n2, n14, n77
CA_n2-n29-n30n2, n29, n30
CA_n2-n29-n66n2, n29, n66
CA_n2-n29-n77n2, n29, n77
CA_n2-n30-n66n2, n30, n66
CA_n2-n30-n77n2, n30, n77
CA_n2-n41-n66n2, n41, n66
CA_n2-n41-n71n2, n41, n71
CA_n2-n48-n66n2, n48, n66
CA_n2-n48-n77n2, n48, n77
CA_n2-n66-n71n2, n66, n71
CA_n2-n66-n77n2, n66, n77
CA_n2-n66-n78n2, n66, n78
CA_n2-n71-n77n2, n71, n77
CA_n2-n71-n78n2, n71, n78
CA_n3-n5-n7n3, n5, n7
CA_n3-n5-n28n3, n5, n28
CA_n3-n5-n78n3, n5, n78No for CA_n3-n78, CA_n5-n78
CA_n3-n5-n79n3, n5, n79
CA_n3-n7-n8n3, n7, n8
CA_n3-n7-n20n3, n7, n20
CA_n3-n7-n26n3, n7, n26
CA_n3-n7-n28n3, n7, n28
CA_n3-n7-n38n3, n7, n38
CA_n3-n7-n67n3, n7, n67
CA_n3-n7-n75n3, n7, n75
CA_n3-n7-n78 3n3, n7, n78
CA_n3-n7-n79n3, n7, n79
CA_n3-n7-n105n3, n7, n105
CA_n3-n8-n28n3, n8, n28
CA_n3-n8-n41n3, n8, n41
CA_n3-n8-n79n3, n8, n79
CA_n3-n8-n77n3, n8, n77
CA_n3-n8-n78 3n3, n8, n78
CA_n3-n18-n28n3, n18, n28
CA_n3-n18-n41n3, n18, n41
CA_n3-n18-n77n3, n18, n77
CA_n3-n20-n28n3, n20, n28
CA_n3-n20-n67n3, n20, n67
CA_n3-n20-n78n3, n20, n78
CA_n3-n26-n78n3, n26, n38
CA_n3-n28-n38n3, n28, n38
CA_n3-n28-n40 3n3, n28, n40
CA_n3-n28-n41 3n3, n28, n41
CA_n3-n28-n77 3n3, n28, n77
CA_n3-n28-n78 3n3, n28, n78
CA_n3-n28-n79 3n3, n28, n79
CA_n3-n38-n40n3, n38, n40
CA_n3-n40-n41n3, n40, n41No for CA n3-n40, CA n3-n41
CA_n3-n40-n77n3, n40, n77
CA_n3-n40-n78n3, n40, n78
CA_n3-n40-n105n3, n40, n105
CA_n3-n41-n77 3n3, n41, n77
CA_n3-n41-n78 3n3, n41, n78
CA_n3-n41-n79 3n3, n41, n79No
CA_n3-n67-n78n3, n67, n78
CA_n3-n75-n78n3, n75, n78
CA_n3-n77-n79n3, n77, n79
CA_n3-n78-n79n3, n78, n79
CA_n3-n78-n105n3, n78, n105
CA_n5-n7-n28n5, n7, n28
CA_n5-n7-n77n5, n7, n77
CA_n5-n7-n78n5, n7, n78
CA_n5-n12-n77n5, n12, n77
CA_n5-n14-n77n5, n14, n77
CA_n5-n25-n29n5, n25, n29
CA_n5-n25-n66n5, n25, n66
CA_n5-n25-n77n5, n25, n77
CA_n5-n25-n78n5, n25, n78
CA_n5-n28-n78n5, n28, n78
CA_n5-n28-n79n5, n28, n79
CA_n5-n28-n105n5, n28, n105
CA_n5-n29-n66n5, n29, n66
CA_n5-n29-n77n5, n29, n77
CA_n5-n30-n66n5, n30, n66
CA_n5-n30-n77n5, n30, n77
CA_n5-n40-n78n5, n40, n78
CA_n5-n41-n66n5, n41, n66
CA_n5-n48-n66n5, n48, n66
CA_n5-n48-n77n5, n48, n77
CA_n5-n66-n77n5, n66, n77
CA_n5-n66-n78n5, n66, n78
CA_n5-n78-n79n5, n78, n79
CA_n7-n8-n28n7, n8, n28
CA_n7-n8-n40n7, n8, n40
CA_n7-n8-n78n7, n8, n78
CA_n7-n12-n25n7, n12, n25
CA_n7-n12-n66n7, n12, n66
CA_n7-n12-n71n7, n12, n71
CA_n7-n12-n77n7, n12, n77
CA_n7-n20-n67n7, n20, n67
CA_n7-n20-n78n7, n20, n78
CA_n7-n25-n66n7, n25, n66
CA_n7-n25-n71n7, n25, n71
CA_n7-n25-n77n7, n25, n77
CA_n7-n25-n78n7, n25, n78
CA_n7-n26-n78n7, n26, n78
CA_n7-n28-n38n7, n28, n38
CA_n7-n28-n78n7, n28, n78
CA_n7-n40-n105n7, n40, n105
CA_n7-n46-n78n7, n46, n78
CA_n7-n66-n71n7, n66, n71
CA_n7-n66-n77n7, n66, n77
CA_n7-n66-n78n7, n66, n78
CA_n7-n67-n78n7, n67, n78
CA_n7-n71-n77n7, n71, n77
CA_n7-n75-n78n7, n75, n78
CA_n7-n78-n102n7, n78, n102
CA_n7-n78-n105n7, n78, n105
CA_n8-n20-n28n8, n20, n28
CA_n8-n20-n75n8, n20, n75
CA_n8-n28-n75n8, n28, n75
CA_n8-n28-n78 3n8, n28, n78
CA_n8-n38-n40n8, n38, n40
CA_n8-n39-n41n8, n39, n41No for CA n8-n41, CA n39-n41
CA_n8-n39-n79n8, n39, n79
CA_n8-n40-n41n8, n40, n41
CA_n8-n40-n78n8, n40, n78
CA_n8-n41-n79 3n8, n41, n79No
CA_n8-n78-n79n8, n78, n79
CA_n12-n25-n41n12, n25, n41
CA_n12-n25-n66n12, n25, n66
CA_n12-n30-n66n12, n30, n66
CA_n12-n30-n77n12, n30, n77
CA_n12-n41-n66n12, n41, n66
CA_n12-n41-n77n12, n41, n77
CA_n12-n66-n77n12, n66, n77
CA_n12-n71-n77n12, n71, n77
CA_n13-n25-n66n13, n25, n66
CA_n13-n25-n77n13, n25, n77
CA_n13-n66-n77n13, n66, n77
CA_n14-n30-n66n14, n30, n66
CA_n14-n30-n77n14, n30, n77
CA_n14-n66-n77n14, n66, n77
CA_n18-n28-n41n18, n28, n41
CA_n18-n28-n77n18, n28, n77
CA_n18-n41-n77n18, n41, n77
CA_n20-n28-n75n20, n28, n75
CA_n20-n28-n78n20, n28, n78
CA_n20-n67-n78n20, n67, n78
CA_n24-n41-n48n24, n41, n48
CA_n24-n41-n77n24, n41, n77
CA_n24-n48-n77n24, n48, n77
CA_n25-n41-n77n25, n41, n77
CA_n25-n29-n66n25, n29, n66
CA_n25-n38-n78n25, n38, n78
CA_n25-n41-n66n25, n41, n66
CA_n25-n41-n71n25, n41, n71
CA_n25-n41-n77n25, n41, n77
CA_n25-n41-n78n25, n41, n78
CA_n25-n41-n85n25, n41, n85
CA_n25-n48-n66n25, n48, n66
CA_n25-n66-n71n25, n66, n71
CA_n25-n66-n77n25, n66, n77
CA_n25-n66-n78n25, n66, n78
CA_n25-n66-n85n25, n66, n85
CA_n25-n71-n77n25, n71, n77
CA_n25-n71-n78n25, n71, n78
CA_n25-n71-n85n25, n71, n85
CA_n25-n77-n85n25, n77 n85
CA_n26-n29-n66n26, n29, n66
CA_n26-n29-n70n26, n29, n70
CA_n26-n48-n66n26, n48, n66
CA_n26-n48-n70n26, n48, n70
CA_n26-n66-n70n26, n66, n70
CA_n26-n66-n71n26, n66, n71
CA_n26-n66-n77n26, n66, n77
CA_n26-n70-n71n26, n70, n71
CA_n26-n70-n77n26, n70, n77
CA_n28-n38-n78n28, n38, n78
CA_n28-n39-n40n28, n39, n40
CA_n28-n39-n41n28, n39, n41
CA_n28-n39-n79n28, n39, n79
CA_n28-n40-n41n28, n40, n41
CA_n28-n40-n77n28, n40, n77
CA_n28-n40-n78n28, n40, n78
CA_n28-n40-n79n28, n40, n79
CA_n28-n41-n77 3n28, n41, n77
CA_n28-n41-n78 3n28, n41, n78
CA_n28-n41-n79 3n28, n41, n79
CA_n28-n46-n78n28, n46, n78
CA_n28-n75-n78n28, n75, n78
CA_n28-n77-n79n28, n77, n79
CA_n28-n78-n79n28, n78, n79
CA_n28-n78-n102n28, n78, n102
CA_n29-n30-n66n29, n30, n66
CA_n29-n30-n77n29, n30, n77
CA_n29-n66-n70n29, n66, n70
CA_n29-n66-n71n29, n66, n71
CA_n29-n66-n77n29, n66, n77
CA_n29-n70-n71n29, n70, n71
CA_n30-n66-n77n30, n66, n77
CA_n34-n39-n40n34, n39, n40
CA_n34-n39-n41n34, n39, n41
CA_n34-n40-n41n34, n40, n41
CA_n34-n41-n79n34, n41, n79
CA_n38-n66-n78n38, n66, n78
CA_n39-n40-n41n39, n40, n41
CA_n39-n40-n79n39, n40, n79
CA_n39-n41-n79n39, n41, n79No
CA_n40-n41-n79 1,2n40, n41, n79No for CA n40-n79, CA n41-n79
CA_n40-n78-n105n40, n78, n105
CA_n41-n66-n71n41, n66, n71
CA_n41-n66-n77n41, n66, n77
CA_n41-n66-n78n41, n66, n78
CA_n41-n66-n85n41, n66, n85
CA_n41-n70-n78n41, n70, n78
CA_n41-n71-n77n41, n71, n77
CA_n41-n71-n78n41, n71, n78
CA_n41-n71-n85n41, n71, n85
CA_n41-n77-n79n41, n77, n79
CA_n41-n77-n85n41, n77, n85
CA_n46-n78-n102n46, n78, n102
CA_n48-n66-n70n48, n66, n70
CA_n48-n66-n71n48, n66, n71
CA_n48-n66-n77n48, n66, n77
CA_n48-n70-n71n48, n70, n71
CA_n48-n70-n77n48, n70, n77
CA_n48-n71-n77n48, n71, n77
CA_n66-n70-n71n66, n70, n71
CA_n66-n70-n77n66, n70, n77
CA_n66-n70-n78n66, n70, n78
CA_n66-n71-n77n66, n71, n77
CA_n66-n71-n78n66, n71, n78
CA_n66-n71-n85n66, n71, n85
CA_n66-n77-n85n66, n77, n85
CA_n70-n71-n77n70, n71, n77
The frequency range below 2506 MHz for Band n41 is not used in this band combination.
Applicable for frequency range above 4800 MHz for Band n79 in this band combination.
Applicable for UE supporting inter-band carrier aggregation with mandatory simultaneous Rx/Tx capability.
Applicable when dynamic Tx switching is conducted across 2 UL bands. The DL interruption requirement is specified in clause of TS 38.133.

5.2A.2.3  Inter-band CA (four bands)p. 47

NR CA Band NR Band (Table 5.2-1)
CA_n1-n3-n5-n7n1, n3, n5, n7
CA_n1-n3-n5-n28n1, n3, n5, n28
CA_n1-n3-n5-n78n1, n3, n5, n78
CA_n1-n3-n7-n8n1, n3, n7, n8
CA_n1-n3-n7-n26n1, n3, n7, n26
CA_n1-n3-n7-n28n1, n3, n7, n28
CA_n1-n3-n7-n38n1, n3, n7, n38
CA_n1-n3-n7-n67n1, n3, n7, n67
CA_n1-n3-n7-n75n1, n3, n7, n75
CA_n1-n3-n7-n79n1, n3, n7, n79
CA_n1-n3-n7-n78n1, n3, n7, n78
CA_n1-n3-n8-n77n1, n3, n8, n77
CA_n1-n3-n8-n78n1, n3, n8, n78
CA_n1-n3-n18-n28n1, n3, n18, n28
CA_n1-n3-n18-n41n1, n3, n18, n41
CA_n1-n3-n18-n77n1, n3, n18, n77
CA_n1-n3-n20-n67n1, n3, n20, n67
CA_n1-n3-n26-n78n1, n3, n26, n78
CA_n1-n3-n28-n38n1, n3, n28, n38
CA_n1-n3-n28-n41n1, n3, n28, n41
CA_n1-n3-n28-n77 1n1, n3, n28, n77
CA_n1-n3-n28-n78n1, n3, n28, n78
CA_n1-n3-n28-n79 1n1, n3, n28, n79
CA_n1-n3-n40-n77n1, n3, n40, n77
CA_n1-n3-n40-n105n1, n3, n40, n105
CA_n1-n3-n41-n77n1, n3, n41, n77
CA_n1-n3-n41-n79n1, n3, n41, n79
CA_n1-n3-n67-n78n1, n3, n67, n78
CA_n1-n3-n75-n78n1, n3, n75, n78
CA_n1-n3-n77-n79n1, n3, n77, n79
CA_n1-n5-n7-n78n1, n5, n7, n78
CA_n1-n5-n28-n78n1, n5, n28, n78
CA_n1-n5-n28-n79n1, n5, n28, n79
CA_n1-n5-n78-n79n1, n5, n78, n79
CA_n1-n7-n8-n40n1, n7, n8, n40
CA_n1-n7-n8-n78n1, n7, n8, n78
CA_n1-n7-n26-n78n1, n7, n26, n78
CA_n1-n7-n28-n38n1, n7, n28, n38
CA_n1-n7-n28-n78n1, n7, n28, n78
CA_n1-n7-n40-n78n1, n7, n40, n78
CA_n1-n7-n40-n105n1, n7, n40, n105
CA_n1-n7-n67-n78n1, n7, n67, n78
CA_n1-n7-n75-n78n1, n7, n75, n78
CA_n1-n7-n78-n105n1, n7, n78, n105
CA_n1-n8-n40-n78n1, n8, n40, n78
CA_n1-n8-n78-n79n1, n8, n78, n79
CA_n1-n18-n28-n41n1, n18, n28, n41
CA_n1-n18-n28-n77n1, n18, n28, n77
CA_n1-n18-n41-n77n1, n18, n41, n77
CA_n1-n28-n38-n78n1, n28, n38, n78
CA_n1-n28-n40-n77n1, n28, n40, n77
CA_n1-n28-n40-n78n1, n28, n40, n78
CA_n1-n28-n41-n77n1, n28, n41, n77
CA_n1-n28-n41-n79n1, n28, n41, n79
CA_n1-n28-n75-n78n1, n28, n75, n78
CA_n1-n28-n77-n79n1, n28, n77, n79
CA_n1-n28-n78-n79n1, n28, n78, n79
CA_n1-n41-n77-n79n1, n41, n77, n79
CA_n2-n5-n30-n66n2, n5, n30, n66
CA_n2-n5-n30-n77n2, n5, n30, n77
CA_n2-n5-n48-n66n2, n5, n48, n66
CA_n2-n5-n48-n77n2, n5, n48, n77
CA_n2-n5-n66-n77n2, n5, n66, n77
CA_n2-n12-n30-n66n2, n12, n30, n66
CA_n2-n12-n30-n77n2, n12, n30, n77
CA_n2-n12-n66-n77n2, n12, n66, n77
CA_n2-n14-n30-n66n2, n14, n30, n66
CA_n2-n14-n30-n77n2, n14, n30, n77
CA_n2-n14-n66-n77n2, n14, n66, n77
CA_n2-n29-n30-n66n2, n29, n30, n66
CA_n2-n29-n30-n77n2, n29, n30, n77
CA_n2-n29-n66-n77n2, n29, n66, n77
CA_n2-n30-n66-n77n2, n30, n66, n77
CA_n2-n41-n66-n71n2, n41, n66, n71
CA_n2-n48-n66-n77n2, n48, n66, n77
CA_n2-n66-n71-n77n2, n66, n71, n77
CA_n2-n66-n71-n78n2, n66, n71, n78
CA_n3-n5-n7-n78n3, n5, n7, n78
CA_n3-n5-n28-n78n3, n5, n28, n78
CA_n3-n5-n28-n79n3, n5, n28, n79
CA_n3-n7-n8-n78 1n3, n7, n8, n78
CA_n3-n7-n20-n67n3, n7, n20, n67
CA_n3-n7-n20-n78n3, n7, n20, n78
CA_n3-n7-n26-n78n3, n7, n26, n78
CA_n3-n7-n28-n38n3, n7, n28, n38
CA_n3-n7-n28-n78n3, n7, n28, n78
CA_n3-n7-n40-n105n3, n7, n40, n105
CA_n3-n7-n67-n78n3, n7, n67, n78
CA_n3-n7-n75-n78n3, n7, n75, n78
CA_n3-n7-n78-n105n3, n7, n78, n105
CA_n3-n18-n28-n41n3, n18, n28, n41
CA_n3-n18-n28-n77n3, n18, n28, n77
CA_n3-n20-n67-n78n3, n20, n67, n78
CA_n3-n28-n40-n77n3, n28, n40, n77
CA_n3-n18-n41-n77n3, n18, n41, n77
CA_n3-n28-n41-n77n3, n28, n41, n77
CA_n3-n28-n41-n79n3, n28, n41, n79
CA_n3-n28-n77-n79n3, n28, n77, n79
CA_n3-n28-n41-n78n3, n28, n41, n78
CA_n3-n41-n77-n79n3, n41, n77, n79
CA_n5-n25-n29-n66n5, n25, n29, n66
CA_n5-n25-n66-n77n5, n25, n66, n77
CA_n5-n25-n66-n78n5, n25, n66, n78
CA_n5-n28-n78-n79n5, n28, n78, n79
CA_n5-n30-n66-n77n5, n30, n66, n77
CA_n5-n48-n66-n77n5, n48, n66, n77
CA_n7-n8-n40-n78n7, n8, n40, n78
CA_n7-n12-n25-n66n7, n12, n25, n66
CA_n7-n20-n67-n78n7, n20, n67, n78
CA_n7-n25-n66-n71n7, n25, n66, n71
CA_n7-n25-n66-n77n7, n25, n66, n77
CA_n7-n25-n66-n78n7, n25, n66, n78
CA_n7-n40-n78-n105n7, n40, n78, n105
CA_n8-n20-n28-n75n8, n20, n28, n75
CA_n12-n30-n66-n77n12, n30, n66, n77
CA_n13-n25-n66-n77n13, n25, n66, n77
CA_n14-n30-n66-n77n14, n30, n66, n77
CA_n18-n28-n41-n77n18, n28, n41, n77
CA_n25-n38-n66-n78n25, n38, n66, n78
CA_n25-n41-n66-n71n25, n41, n66, n71
CA_n25-n41-n66-n77n25, n41, n66, n77
CA_n25-n41-n66-n78n25, n41, n66, n78
CA_n25-n41-n71-n77n25, n41, n71, n77
CA_n25-n41-n71-n78n25, n41, n71, n78
CA_n25-n41-n77-n85n25, n41, n77, n85
CA_n25-n66-n71-n77n25, n66, n71, n77
CA_n25-n66-n71-n78n25, n66, n71, n78
CA_n28-n41-n77-n79n28, n41, n77, n79
CA_n29-n30-n66-n77n29, n30, n66, n77
CA_n41-n66-n70-n78n41, n66, n70, n78
CA_n41-n66-n71-n77n41, n66, n71, n77
CA_n41-n66-n71-n78n41, n66, n71, n78
CA_n41-n66-n77-n85n41, n66, n77, n85
CA_n48-n66-n70-n71n48, n66, n70, n71
CA_n48-n66-n70-n77n48, n66, n70, n77
CA_n48-n66-n71-n77n48, n66, n71, n77
CA_n48-n70-n71-n77n48, n70, n71, n77
Applicable for UE supporting inter-band carrier aggregation with mandatory simultaneous Rx/Tx capability.

5.2A.2.4  Inter-band CA (five bands)p. 50

NR CA Band NR Band (Table 5.2-1)
CA_n1-n3-n5-n7-n78n1, n3, n5, n7, n78
CA_n1-n3-n5-n28-n78n1, n3, n5, n28, n78
CA_n1-n3-n7-n8-n78 1n1, n3, n7, n8, n78
CA_n1-n3-n7-n26-n78n1, n3, n7, n26, n78
CA_n1-n3-n7-n28-n38n1, n3, n7, n28, n38
CA_n1-n3-n7-n28-n78n1, n3, n7, n28, n78
CA_n1-n3-n7-n67-n78n1, n3, n7, n67, n78
CA_n1-n3-n7-n75-n78n1, n3, n7, n75, n78
CA_ n1-n3-n28-n41-n77n1, n3, n28, n41, n77
CA_n1-n3-n28-n41-n79n1, n3, n28, n41, n79
CA_n1-n3-n28-n77-n79n1, n3, n28, n77, n79
CA_n1-n3-n40-n78-n105n1, n3, n40, n78, n105
CA_n1-n3-n41-n77-n79n1, n3, n41, n77, n79
CA_n1-n5-n28-n78-n79n1, n5, n28, n78, n79
CA_n1-n7-n40-n78-n105n1, n7, n40, n78, n105
CA_n1-n28-n41-n77-n79n1, n28, n41, n77, n79
CA_n2-n5-n30-n66-n77n2, n5, n30, n66, n77
CA_n2-n5-n48-n66-n77n2, n5, n48, n66, n77
CA_n2-n12-n30-n66-n77n2, n12, n30, n66, n77
CA_n2-n14-n30-n66-n77n2, n14, n30, n66, n77
CA_n2-n29-n30-n66-n77n2, n29, n30, n66, n77
CA_n3-n7-n20-n67-n78n3, n7, n20, n67, n78
CA_n3-n7-n40-n78-n105n3, n7, n40, n78, n105
CA_n3-n28-n41-n77-n79n3, n28, n41, n77, n79
Applicable for UE supporting inter-band carrier aggregation with mandatory simultaneous Rx/Tx capability.

5.2A.2.5  Inter-band CA (six bands)p. 50

NR CA Band NR Band (Table 5.2-1)
CA_n1-n3-n7-n28-n38-n78n1, n3, n7, n28, n38, n78

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