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full Table of Contents for  TS 23.003  Word version:   16.2.0

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4  Identification of location areas and base stationsWord-p. 34
5  Identification of MSCs, GSNs, location registers and CSSs
6  International Mobile Station Equipment Identity, Software Version Number and Permanent Equipment IdentifierWord-p. 39
6.1  GeneralUp
6.2  Composition of IMEI and IMEISV
6.3  Allocation principlesWord-p. 40
6.4  Permanent Equipment Identifier (PEI) [R15]
In 5GS, the Permanent Equipment Identifier (PEI) identifies a UE.
The PEI is defined as:
  • a PEI type: in this release of the specification, it may indicate an IMEI or IMEISV or a MAC address; and
  • dependent on the value of the PEI type:
7  Identification of Voice Group Call and Voice Broadcast Call EntitiesWord-p. 41
8  SCCP subsystem numbersWord-p. 42

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