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5.18  Use Case on virtual meeting room in financial servicesp. 63

5.18.1  Descriptionp. 63

Meeting rooms in banks provide a private place for customers and financial manager to communicate, financial manager can provide customized information on the financial products that suitable for the customers. Customers may find a dedicated room for consulting and signing contact safer and the user experiences are better. While meeting rooms are limited resource in bank and customers need to go to bank by themselves for consulting, which will take more time and resources. A virtual bank meeting room offered by a mobile metaverse service can solve this limitation.
The virtual banking space can be designed by the consumers based on their user preference. Consumers can be represented by their digital representations (e.g. avatars) as they use these mobile metaverse services. Consumers can have eye contact or observe each others' body movements in a virtual environment, generating a friendly face-to-face service experience. With this service option, bank branches are freed from physical limitations of space and location.

5.18.2  Pre-conditionsp. 63

Each user has a unique digital representation (e.g. avatar) in the mobile metaverse service. Bank R provides consumers a virtual bank as a mobile metaverse service as a location agnostic service experience. This service requires a high level of security in mobile communication as the content is sensitive. Users have their own digital representations (e.g. avatars) that they use to represent themselves when they use the mobile metaverse service, and these avatars are mapped with their real identification.

5.18.3  Service Flowsp. 63

  1. Frank is a very active user of mobile metaverse service X, he does his daily work and entertainment making use of this mobile metaverse service X using his avatar.
  2. Bank R has a virtual branch offered as mobile metaverse service X, in which the bank provides financial services and can provides different financial products to consumers based on their individual preferences. Frank is a VIP customer of Bank R. Frank is considering to have some financial products and he needs to consult with a professional financial manager in the virtual bank.
  3. Frank enters the virtual bank branch using his avatar, Bank R will identify the user Frank, represented by his digital representation (e.g. avatar,) and authorize these by means of the 5GS to make sure the real identification of this avatar is the same with Frank.
  4. 5GS will inform Bank R that this avatar is authenticated and authorized to represent Frank, and this digital representations (e.g. avatar) is authorized to represent Frank to perform financial actions. Bank R receives this information and provides this digital representation (e.g. avatar) representing Frank access to a customized VIP consulting room. In this room, Bank R can provide consulting and financial services to Frank.
  5. After the authorization, the 5GS will increase automatically update the security mechanisms (such as encryption algorithms) associated with the PDU session to guarantee the security of the communication services used to deliver this financial service.

5.18.4  Post-conditionsp. 63

Frank had a safe and realistic experience using his digital representations (e.g. avatar) in the virtual meeting room.

5.18.5  Existing features partly or fully covering the use case functionalityp. 63


5.18.6  Potential New Requirements needed to support the use casep. 63

[PR 5.18.6-1]
Subject to operator policy and national or regional regulation, the 5G system shall support identification of digital representations (e.g. avatars) associated with users, for mobile metaverse services.
[PR 5.18.6-2]
Subject to operator policy and national or regional regulation, the 5G system shall support different communication security mechanisms according to the security requirements of different services.

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