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TS 22.261 (Service requirements for next generation new services and markets) requires that the 5G system shall be able to provide services using satellite access. It further specifies that the 5G system shall support service continuity between land based 5G access and satellite based access networks owned by the same operator or by an agreement between operators.
The present document presents the results of a study on using satellite access in 5G. Use cases for the provision of services when considering the integration of 5G satellite-based access components in the 5G system are identified. This leads to the associated identification of existing / planned, as well for new, services and the corresponding modified or new requirements. The requirements on set-up / configuration / maintenance of the features of UE's when using satellite components combined with other components from the 5G system are addressed as well as regulatory requirements when moving to (or from) satellite from (or to) terrestrial networks

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