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B (Normative)  Codes for defined Supplementary Servicesp. 23

Supplementary Service Service Code SIA SIB SIC
TS 22.067eMLPP75 and 75n
where n=0 4
TS 22.072CD66
TS 22.081CLIP30---
In temporary mode, to suppress CLIR for a single call, enter:
" * 31 # <called number> SEND "
In temporary mode, to invoke CLIR for a single call enter:
" # 31 # <called number> SEND "
TS 22.082CFU21DNBS-
CF Busy67DNBS-
CF No Reply61DNBST
CF Not Reachable62DNBS-
all CF002DNBST
all conditional CF004DNBST
TS 22.083WAIT43
see clause 6.5.5
see clause 6.5.5
TS 22.084MPTYsee clause 6.5.5
TS 22.087UUS Service 1361R--
UUS Service 2362R--
UUS Service 3363R--
all UUS Services360R--
If UUS shall be activated when originating a call, enter:
" * 36X * R # <called numbe> SEND"
(X is indicating the requested UUS service)
Supplementary Service Service Code SIA SIB SIC
TS 22.088BAOC33PWBS-
BAOIC exc home332PWBS-
BAIC roaming351PWBS-
all Barring Serv.330PWBS-
Outg. Barr. Serv.333PWBS
Inc. Barr. Serv.353PWBS
TS 22.091ECT96See clause 6.5.5
TS 22.093CCBS37n
where n=1-5
see clause 6.5.5
TS 22.094FM214See clause
TS 22.096CNAP300---
TS 22.097MSP59nPWwhere n=1-4
TS 22.135MC88Nbr_user
Where Nbr_user=1-Nbr_SB
DN =
Directory Number;
PW =
Password (see subclause 6.5.4);
BS =
Basic Service Group (if required) - see Annex C;
T =
No Reply Condition Timer (5 30 seconds);
R =
UUS required option.
SI required
Y =
N =
- =
Not applicable.
Nbr_user =
maximum number of simultaneous CS bearers as defined by the within the limits given by Nbr_SB.
Nbr_SB =
maximum number of simultaneous CS bearers defined by Multicall subscription.
The value for Nbr_SB shall in the range from 2 up to 7.
Details about Nbr_user and Nbr_SB specified in TS 22.135 Multicall.
"UUS required" option
For the "UUS required" option two values are defined:
R = 0
UUS not required;
R = 1
UUS required.
If the "UUS required" option is not contained in an activation request UUS shall be activated without the UUS required option.

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