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C (Normative)  Codes for Tele- and bearer servicesp. 26

Tele- and Bearer Service Supplementary Information codes (SIb).
Alternate and speech/data services are included with the equivalent data service.
Basic Service
group number (Note 1)Telecommunication ServiceMMI Service Code
1 to 12All tele and bearer servicesno code required
1 to 6, 12All teleservices10
2 to 6All data teleservices12
6Facsimile services13
2Short Message Services16
1, 3 to 6, 12All teleservices except SMS19
12Voice group services
Voice Group Call Service (VGCS)17
Voice Broadcast Service (VBS)18
Bearer Service
7 to 11All bearer services20
7All async services21
8All sync services22
8All data circuit sync24
7All data circuit async25
13All GPRS bearer services (Note 2)99
1,8Telephony and All sync services26
The grouping implies that if e.g. code 25 is used, the Supplementary Service procedure concerned applies to all Asynchronous Data Circuit mode Bearer Services subscribed to.
Tele-and Bearer Service Supplementary Information Codes (SIb) for services not defined by 3GPP
Code as defined in TS 29.002Telecommunication ServiceMMI Service Code
PLMN specific teleservices:
11010000All PLMN specific teleservices50
11010001PLMN specific teleservice 151
11010010PLMN specific teleservice 252
11010011PLMN specific teleservice 353
11010100PLMN specific teleservice 454
11010101PLMN specific teleservice 555
11010110PLMN specific teleservice 656
11010111PLMN specific teleservice 757
11011000PLMN specific teleservice 858
11011001PLMN specific teleservice 959
11011010PLMN specific teleservice 1060
11011011PLMN specific teleservice 1161
11011100PLMN specific teleservice 1262
11011101PLMN specific teleservice 1363
11011110PLMN specific teleservice 1464
11011111PLMN specific teleservice 1565
PLMN specific bearer services:
11010000All PLMN specific bearer services70
11010001PLMN specific bearer service 171
11010010PLMN specific bearer service 272
11010011PLMN specific bearer service 373
11010100PLMN specific bearer service 474
11010101PLMN specific bearer service 575
11010110PLMN specific bearer service 676
11010111PLMN specific bearer service 777
11011000PLMN specific bearer service 878
11011001PLMN specific bearer service 979
11011010PLMN specific bearer service 1080
11011011PLMN specific bearer service 1181
11011100PLMN specific bearer service 1282
11011101PLMN specific bearer service 1383
11011110PLMN specific bearer service 1484
11011111PLMN specific bearer service 1585

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