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3GPP 55-series — Security Algorithms

12 TS
1 TR
GSM only, Rel‑4 and later

Following the Last Plenary Meetings of  2019-09
no Update

TS 55.205SA3Rel‑6 → 15
Specification of the GSM-MILENAGE Algorithms:
an Example Algorithm set for GSM Authentication
and Key Generation Functions A3 and A8

Specification of the
A5/3 Encryption Algorithms for GSM and ECSD,
and the GEA3 Encryption Algorithm for GPRS

TS 55.216SA3Rel‑3 → 15
Document 1:  A5/3 and GEA3 Specification

TS 55.217SA3Rel‑3 → 15
Document 2:  Implementors' Test Data

TS 55.218SA3Rel‑3 → 15
Document 3:  Design and Conformance Test Data

TR 55.919SA3Rel‑3 → 15
Document 4:  Design and Evaluation Report

TS 55.226SA3Rel‑9 → 15
Specification of the
A5/4 Encryption Algorithms for GSM and ECSD,
and the GEA4 Encryption Algorithm for GPRS

TS 55.236SA3Rel‑6 → 15
Specification of
A8_V MILENAGE Algorithm:
an Example Algorithm for the Key Generation function A8_V

Specification of the
GIA4 Encryption Algorithms for GPRS

TS 55.241SA3Rel‑13 → 15
GIA4 Specification

TS 55.242SA3Rel‑13 → 15
Implementers' Test Data

TS 55.243SA3Rel‑13 → 15
Design Conformance Test Data

Specification of the
GPRS Confidentiality and Integrity Algorithms GEA5 and GIA5

TS 55.251SA3Rel‑13 → 15
GEA5 and GIA5 Specifications

TS 55.252SA3Rel‑13 → 15
Implementers' Test Data

TS 55.253SA3Rel‑13 → 15
Design Conformance Test Data