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3GPP 51-series — Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) – IC cards

12 TS
0 TR
GSM only, Rel‑4 and later

Following the Last Plenary Meetings of  2019-09
Updated TS/TR:

Mobile Station
Conformance Specification

TS 51.010-1RAN5Rel‑4 → 13
Part 1:  Conformance Specification

TS 51.010-2RAN5Rel‑4 → 13
Part 2:  PICS Proforma Specification

TS 51.010-3RAN5Rel‑4 → 6
Part 3:  Layer3 Abstract Test Suite

TS 51.010-4CT6Rel‑4 → 15
Part 4:  SIM Application Toolkit Conformance Test Specification

TS 51.010-5RAN5Rel‑6 → 10
Part 5:  Inter-RAT (GERAN / UTRAN) Interaction Abstract Test Suite

TS 51.010-7RAN5Rel‑9 → 12
Part 7:  Location Services (LCS) Test Scenarios and Assistance Data

TS 51.011CT6Rel‑4
Specification of the SIM-ME Interface

TS 51.013CT6Rel‑4 → 15
Test Specification for SIM API for Java Card

TS 51.014CT6Rel‑4
Specification of the SIM Application Toolkit for the SIM-ME Interface

TS 51.017CT6Rel‑4
SIM Test Specification

TS 51.021RAN6Rel‑4 → 15
BSS Equipment Specification — Radio Aspects

TS 51.026RAN6Rel‑4 → 15
BSS Equipment Specification — Part 4:  Repeaters