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TS 55.236
Specification of
A8_V MILENAGE Algorithm:
an Example Algorithm for the Key Generation function A8_V

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Miss Jerichow, Anja
Nokia Germany

Content for  TS 55.236  Word version:  17.0.0

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1  ScopeWord‑p. 5

The present document contains an example algorithm which may be used as the VSTK key generation function A8_V as described in TS 43.020. (It is not mandatory that the particular algorithm specified in this document is used - the A8_V function is operator-specifiable rather than being fully standardised.)
Clause 4 introduces the algorithm and describes the input and output parameters. Clause 5 defines the algorithm. Clause 6 provides test data.

2  ReferencesWord‑p. 5

The following documents contain provisions which, through reference in this text, constitute provisions of the present document.
  • References are either specific (identified by date of publication, edition number, version number, etc.) or non specific.
  • For a specific reference, subsequent revisions do not apply.
  • For a non-specific reference, the latest version applies. In the case of a reference to a 3GPP document (including a GSM document), a non-specific reference implicitly refers to the latest version of that document in the same Release as the present document.
TS 35.206: "3G Security; Specification of the MILENAGE algorithm set: An example algorithm Set for the 3GPP Authentication and Key Generation functions f1, f1*, f2, f3, f4, f5 and f5*; Document 2: Algorithm specification".
TS 35.207: "3G Security; Specification of the MILENAGE Algorithm Set: An example algorithm set for the 3GPP authentication and key generation functions f1, f1*, f2, f3, f4, f5 and f5*; Document 3: Implementors' test data".
TS 35.208: "3G Security; Specification of the MILENAGE Algorithm Set: An example algorithm set for the 3GPP authentication and key generation functions f1, f1*, f2, f3, f4, f5 and f5*; Document 4: Design conformance test data".
TS 43.020: "Security related network functions".
TR 21.905: "Vocabulary for 3GPP Specifications".

3  Definitions, symbols and abbreviationsWord‑p. 5

3.1  DefinitionsWord‑p. 5

For the purposes of the present document, the terms and definitions given in TR 21.905, TS 35.206 and TS 43.020, and the following apply. A term defined in the present document takes precedence over the definition of the same term, if any, in TR 21.905, TS 35.206 or TS 43.020.

3.2  SymbolsWord‑p. 5

The assignment operator.
The concatenation of the two operands.
The ith bit of the variable X. (X = X[0] || X[1] || X[2] || …).

3.3  AbbreviationsWord‑p. 6

For the purposes of the present document, the abbreviations given in TR 21.905, TS 35.206 and TS 43.020, and the following apply. An abbreviation defined in the present document takes precedence over the definition of the same abbreviation, if any, in TR 21.905, TS 35.206 or TS 43.020.
Voice Broadcast Service
Voice Group Call Service

4  Introductory informationWord‑p. 6

4.1  IntroductionWord‑p. 6

For VGCS and VBS ciphering in the GSM system the security function A8_V has been specified. The operation of this function falls completely within the domain of an individual operator, and the function is therefore to be specified by each operator rather than being fully standardized. The algorithm specified in this document is an example that may be used by an operator which does not wish to design its own.
The inputs and outputs of the function A8_V is defined in clause 4.4.

4.2  NotationWord‑p. 6

4.2.1  Bit/byte orderingWord‑p. 6

All data variables in this specification are presented with the most significant bit (or byte) on the left hand side and the least significant bit (or byte) on the right hand side. Where a variable is broken down into a number of substrings, the leftmost (most significant) substring is numbered 0, the next most significant is numbered 1, and so on through to the least significant. When a variable, with bit length L, is shown in hexadecimal format, bit 0 is the most significant bit of the leftmost hexadecimal digit, and bit L-1 is the least significant bit of the rightmost hexadecimal digit.

4.2.2  List of symbolsWord‑p. 6

4.3  List of variablesWord‑p. 6

For V_Ki, VSTK_RAND and VSTK see TS 43.020
For all f3-function related variables see TS 35.206

4.4  Algorithm inputs and outputsWord‑p. 6

The inputs to the algorithm are given in Table 1, the output in Table 2 below.
Parameter Size (bits) Comment
V_Ki128Group key V_Ki[0]…V_Ki[127]
VSTK_RAND36Random challenge VSTK_RAND[0]…VSTK_RAND[35]
Parameter Size (bits) Comment
VSTK128Cipher key VSTK[0]…VSTK[127]

5  The A8_V MILENAGE algorithmWord‑p. 7

An example algorithm set for UMTS, called MILENAGE (see Note 1), is specified in TS 35.206. A8_V MILENAGE makes use of MILENAGE.
Specifically, the function f3 from the UMTS MILENAGE is making use of (all input and output names are prefixed by "MIL3G-" to distinguish them clearly from the inputs and outputs of A8_V MILENAGE):
Function Inputs Output
The A8_V MILENAGE functions are defined as follows:
  • Let (MIL3G-K[0]…MIL3G-K[127]) = (V_Ki[0]…V_Ki[127])
  • Let (MIL3G-RAND[0]…MIL3G-RAND[127]) = (EXP_RAND[0]…EXP_RAND[127])
    EXP_RAND[bits 0,1, . . .126,127] =
    EXPAND[bits 0,1, . . .39] || EXPAND[bits 0,1, . . .39] || EXPAND[bits 0,1, . . .39] || '11111111'
    EXPAND [bits 0,1, . . .39] = '1111' || VSTK_RAND[bits 0,1, . . .35]
  • Compute MIL3G-CK from MIL3G-K and MIL3G-RAND, using the MILENAGE function f3
  • Set (VSTK[0]…VSTK[127]) = (MIL3G-CK[0]…MIL3G-CK[127])

6  Test data for A8_V MILENAGEWord‑p. 7

6.1  IntroductionWord‑p. 7

The test data sets presented here have been derived from the MILENAGE test sets in [3].

6.2  FormatWord‑p. 7

The format of each test data set is as follows:
Test Set n
V_Kisecret group key
VSTK_RAND36-bit random challenge
MIL3G-RAND128-bit expansion of VSTK_RAND according to clause 4
OPoperator-specific MILENAGE constant
OPcderived from OP and V_Ki — see TS 35.206
MIL3G-CK (VSTK)MILENAGE f3 output, that equals the Short Term Key for use in VGCS and VBS ciphering
All test data in this tabular format is shown in hexadecimal representation. The first test set is also shown in binary, to show explicitly the relationship between the binary data and the hexadecimal representation.

6.3  Test SetsWord‑p. 8

Test Set 1 in binary format
V_Ki01000110  01011011  01011100  11101000  10110001  10011001  10110100  10011111  10101010  01011111  00001010  00101110  11100010  00111000  10100110  10111100
VSTK_RAND00100011  01010101  00111100  10111110  1001
MIL3G-RAND11110010  00110101  01010011  11001011  11101001  11110010  00110101  01010011  11001011  11101001  11110010  00110101  01010011  11001011  11101001  11111111
OP11001101  11000010  00000010  11010101  00010010  00111110  00100000  11110110  00101011  01101101  01100111  01101010  11000111  00101100  10110011  00011000
OPc11001101  01100011  11001011  01110001  10010101  01001010  10011111  01001110  01001000  10100101  10011001  01001110  00110111  10100000  00101011  10101111
MIL3G-CK  (VSTK)11010111  01110011  11000111  11111111  11000110  01000000  11001101  00100100  10000001  11110101  00010010  11011100  10111101  01011100  11000000  11110110
Test Set 1
V_Ki465b5ce8  b199b49f  aa5f0a2e  e238a6bc
VSTK_RAND23553cbe  9   
MIL3G-RANDf23553cb  e9f23553  cbe9f235  53cbe9ff
OPcdc202d5  123e20f6  2b6d676a  c72cb318
OPccd63cb71  954a9f4e  48a5994e  37a02baf
MIL3G-CK (VSTK)d773c7ff  c640cd24  81f512dc  bd5cc0f6
Test Set 2
V_Kifec86ba6  eb707ed0  8905757b  1bb44b8f
VSTK_RAND9f7c8d02  1   
MIL3G-RANDf9f7c8d0  21f9f7c8  d021f9f7  c8d021ff
OPdbc59adc  b6f9a0ef  735477b7  fadf8374
OPc1006020f  0a478bf6  b699f15c  062e42b3
MIL3G-CK (VSTK)a0b28afe  ca802828  c324eb86  a7b06903
Test Set 3
V_Ki9e5944ae  a94b8116  5c82fbf9  f32db751
VSTK_RANDce83dbc5  4    
MIL3G-RANDfce83dbc  54fce83d  bc54fce8  3dbc54ff
OP223014c5  806694c0  07ca1eee  f57f004f
OPca64a507a  e1a2a98b  b88eb421  0135dc87
MIL3G-CK (VSTK)f2abba4c  9d52cf6b  99b43d2a  799e9470
Test Set 4
V_Ki4ab1deb0  5ca6ceb0  51fc98e7  7d026a84
VSTK_RAND74b0cd60  3    
MIL3G-RANDf74b0cd6  03f74b0c  d603f74b  0cd603ff
OP2d16c5cd  1fdf6b22  383584e3  bef2a8d8
OPcdcf07cbd  51855290  b92a07a9  891e523e
MIL3G-CK (VSTK)d4500866  a11b5b7d   3d89d485  d25e14da
Test Set 5
V_Ki6c38a116  ac280c45  4f59332e  e35c8c4f
VSTK_RANDee6466bc  9    
MIL3G-RANDfee6466b  c9fee646  6bc9fee6  466bc9ff
OP1ba00a1a  7c6700ac  8c3ff3e9  6ad08725
OPc3803ef53  63b947c6  aaa225e5  8fae3934
MIL3G-CK (VSTK)bafd96fb  7c417cce  58597e0f  118b6a02
Test Set 6
V_Ki2d609d4d  b0ac5bf0  d2c0de26  7014de0d
VSTK_RAND194aa756  0    
MIL3G-RANDf194aa75  60f194aa  7560f194  aa7560ff
OP460a4838  5427aa39  264aac8e  fc9e73e8
OPcc35a0ab0  bcbfc925  2caff15f  24efbde0
MIL3G-CK (VSTK)b4d5f9b7  94d269c5  706ee6e3  1453a426
Test Set 7
V_Kia530a7fe  428fad10  82c45edd  fce13884
VSTK_RAND3a4c2b32  4    
MIL3G-RANDf3a4c2b3  24f3a4c2  b324f3a4  c2b324ff
OP511c6c4e  83e38c89  b1c5d8dd  e62426fa
OPc27953e49  bc8af6dc  c6e730eb  80286be3
MIL3G-CK (VSTK)b8b143ae  303bbdd6  8539ee34  a69c530e
Test Set 8
V_Kid9151cf0  4896e258  30bf2e08  267b8360
VSTK_RANDf761e5e9  3    
MIL3G-RANDff761e5e  93ff761e  5e93ff76  1e5e93ff
OP75fc2233  a44294ee  8e6de25c  4353d26b
OPcc4c93eff  e8a08138  c203d4c2  7ce4e3d9
MIL3G-CK (VSTK)6e6aa729  1a54c264  6188e2e0  2002fda5
Test Set 9
V_Kia0e2971b  6822e8d3  54a18cc2  35624ecb
VSTK_RAND08eff828  b    
MIL3G-RANDf08eff82  8bf08eff  828bf08e  ff828bff
OP323792fa  ca21fb4d  5d6f13c1  45a9d2c1
OPc82a26f22  bba9e948  8f949a10  d98e9cc4
MIL3G-CK (VSTK)e360f5fe  8a5b1602  5fb8acbf  f3b9cbb2
Test Set 10
V_Ki0da6f7ba  86d5eac8  a19cf563  ac58642d
VSTK_RAND679ac4db  a    
MIL3G-RANDf679ac4d  baf679ac  4dbaf679  ac4dbaff
OP4b9a26fa  459e3acb  ff36f401  5de3bdc1
OPc0db1071f  8767562c  a43a0a64  c41e8d08
MIL3G-CK (VSTK)805879c0  53864ea5  a8c41c18  95976d41
Test Set 11
V_Ki77b45843  c88e58c1  0d202684  515ed430
VSTK_RAND4c47eb30  7    
MIL3G-RANDf4c47eb3  07f4c47e  b307f4c4  7eb307ff
OPbf3286c7  a51409ce  95724d50  3bfe6e70
OPcd483afae  562409a3  26b5bb0b  20c4d762
MIL3G-CK (VSTK)74909b16  e577b2d4  cf1ff01a  213cfc54
Test Set 12
V_Ki729b1772  9270dd87  ccdf1bfe  29b4e9bb
VSTK_RAND311c4c92  9    
MIL3G-RANDf311c4c9  29f311c4  c929f311  c4c929ff
OPd04c9c35  bd2262fa  810d2924  d036fd13
OPc228c2f2f  06ac3268  a9e616ee  16db4ba1
MIL3G-CK (VSTK)b102a313  d2692e01  1b7301c2  ad188adc
Test Set 13
V_Kid32dd23e  89dc6623  54ca12eb  79dd32fa
VSTK_RANDcf7d0ab1  d    
MIL3G-RANDfcf7d0ab  1dfcf7d0  ab1dfcf7  d0ab1dff
OPfe75905b  9da47d35  6236d031  4e09c32e
OPcd22a4b41  80a53257  08a5ff70  d9f67ec7
MIL3G-CK (VSTK)995729ba  d5e7c84d  46d0980a  4729351f
Test Set 14
V_Kiaf7c65e1  927221de  591187a2  c5987a53
VSTK_RAND1f0f8578  4    
MIL3G-RANDf1f0f857  84f1f0f8  5784f1f0  f85784ff
OP0c7acb8d  95b7d4a3  1c5aca6d  26345a88
OPca4cf5c81  55c08a7e  ff418e54  43b98e55
MIL3G-CK (VSTK)485e7bfd  24492467  420b93ad  3fce8ac2
Test Set 15
V_Ki5bd7ecd3  d3127a41  d12539be  d4e7cf71
VSTK_RAND59b75f14  2    
MIL3G-RANDf59b75f1  42f59b75  f142f59b  75f142ff
OPf967f760  38b920a9  cd25e10c  08b49924
OPc76089d3c  0ff3efdc  6e36721d  4fceb747
MIL3G-CK (VSTK)1b32d440  99fb51f5  0505149d  a25e7760
Test Set 16
V_Ki6cd1c6ce  b1e01e14  f1b82316  a90b7f3d
VSTK_RANDf69b78f3  0    
MIL3G-RANDff69b78f  30ff69b7  8f30ff69  b78f30ff
OP078bfca9  564659ec  d8851e84  e6c59b48
OPca219dc37  f1dc7d66  738b5843  c799f206
MIL3G-CK (VSTK)c7ada658  f4bf89dc  184b1d31  9df554d9
Test Set 17
V_Kib73a90cb  cf3afb62  2dba83c5  8a8415df
VSTK_RANDb120f1c1  a   
MIL3G-RANDfb120f1c  1afb120f  1c1afb12  0f1c1aff
OPb672047e  003bb952  dca6cb8a  f0e5b779
OPcdf0c6786  8fa25f74  8b7044c6  e7c245b8
MIL3G-CK (VSTK)ca8cf524  d78c8c55  aa5aba14  22737909
Test Set 18
V_Ki51222502  14c33e72  3a5dd523  fc145fc0
VSTK_RAND81e92b6c  0    
MIL3G-RANDf81e92b6  c0f81e92  b6c0f81e  92b6c0ff
OPc9e87632  86b5b9ff  bdf56e12  97d0887b
OPc981d464c  7c52eb6e  50362349  84ad0bcf
MIL3G-CK (VSTK)a8d5cdb6  47335bf5  8e2c884d  a5efcdd5
Test Set 19
V_Ki90dca4ed  a45b53cf  0f12d7c9  c3bc6a89
VSTK_RAND9fddc720  9    
MIL3G-RANDf9fddc72  09f9fddc  7209f9fd  dc7209ff
OP3ffcfe5b  7b111158  9920d352  8e84e655
OPccb9cccc4  b9258e6d  ca476037  9fb82581
MIL3G-CK (VSTK)c699833a  2c22bf44  b6473390  8a7142c3

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