3GPP (GSM only) 52-series — OAMP and Charging

The technical specifications (TS) are displayed in blue, while the reports (TR) are shown in green.  TS that have been discontinued in earlier releases are indicated with a light blue color.  TR in the '9' range that have been stopped are highlighted in light green.  TS or TR with a yellow background indicate those updated (other than an automatic update to Rel-18 version after Rel-18 stage 3 freeze) at the latest  Q1-2024  Plenary Meetings.  The new ones are displayed with a single red dotted overline.

TS 52.008
REL  6 → 18
GSM Subscriber and Equipment Trace

TS 52.021
REL  4 → 18
Network Management Procedures and Messages
on the A-bis Interface

TS 52.402
REL  4 → 18
Performance Management —
Performance Measurements –