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D (Normative)  Data Transfer RequirementsWord‑p. 219

E  Non Standardised Measurements of Interest to PLMN ManagementWord‑p. 221

E.1  Measurement Related to the BSC

E.2  Measurement Related to the BTS

E.3  Measurement Related to the MSC

E.4  Measurements related to the HLR

E.5  Measurements related to the VLR

E.6  Measurements related to the EIR

E.7  Measurements related to the SMS-IWMSC/GMSC

E.8  Performance Measurements on non-specific GSM Objects

F  Index of Measurement Attribute NamesWord‑p. 226

G  BibliographyWord‑p. 229

$  Change historyWord‑p. 230

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