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1  ScopeWord-p. 19
2  References
3  AbbreviationsWord-p. 21
4  Detailed description of the measurement system for a GSM PLMNWord-p. 23
A  Graphical examplesWord-p. 32
B (Normative)  Performance Measurement Requirements SummaryWord-p. 34
B.1  Measurements Related to the BSCWord-p. 35
B.1.1  BSC Measurement Function
B.1.1.1  Unsuccessful requests for service
B.1.1.2  Unsuccessful requests for service, per cause
B.1.1.3  Mean Inter-arrival Time (Circuit Switched)Up
B.1.1.4  Attempted Transmission of Paging Messages, per BSCWord-p. 36
B.1.1.5  Unsuccessful Transmission of Paging Messages, per BSC
B.1.1.6  Attempted IMMEDIATE ASSIGNMENT Procedures, per BSC
B.1.1.7  Successful IMMEDIATE ASSIGNMENT Procedures, per BSCWord-p. 37
B.1.1.8  Successful Internal Handovers, intra-CELL, per BSC
B.1.1.9  Unsuccessful Internal Handovers, intra-CELL, per BSC
B.1.1.10  Successful Internal Handovers per BSCWord-p. 38
B.1.1.11  Successful Internal Handovers per cause
B.1.1.12  Unsuccessful Internal Handovers with reconnection to old channels, per BSC
B.1.1.13  Unsuccessful Internal Handovers with loss of connection, per BSCWord-p. 39
B.1.1.14  Flush Requests Received
B.1.1.15  Paging Requests Received from SGSN
B.1.1.16  Mean Inter-arrival Time (Packet Switched)Word-p. 40
B.1.1.17  Number of octets of uplink BSSGP PDUs [R8]
B.1.1.18  Number of octets of downlink BSSGP PDUs [R8]
B.1.1.19  Power, Energy and Environmental (PEE) measurements [R13]

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