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B.3  Measurements Related to the MSCWord-p. 69
B.3.1  MSC Measurement Function
B.3.1.1  Number of class mark updates
B.3.1.2  Attempted mobile originating calls
B.3.1.3  Successful mobile originating calls
B.3.1.4  Answered mobile originating callsWord-p. 70
B.3.1.5  Attempted mobile terminating calls
B.3.1.6  Successful mobile terminating calls
B.3.1.7  Answered mobile terminating callsWord-p. 71
B.3.1.8  Attempted Mobile Emergency calls
B.3.1.9  Successful Mobile Emergency callsUp
B.3.1.10  Answered Mobile Emergency callsWord-p. 72
B.3.1.11  Attempted ciphering mode control procedures
B.3.1.12  Successful ciphering mode control procedures
B.3.1.13  Attempted interrogations of HLRs for routingWord-p. 73
B.3.1.14  Successful interrogations of HLR (MSRN obtained)
B.3.1.15  Successful interrogations of HLR (call Forwarding)
B.3.1.16  Attempted operations for mobile originating point to point SMsWord-p. 74
B.3.1.17  Successful operations for mobile originating point to point SMs
B.3.1.18  Attempted operations for mobile terminating point to point SMs
B.3.1.19  Successful operations for mobile terminating point to point SMsWord-p. 75
B.3.1.20  Number of transmitted check IMEI request
B.3.1.21  Number of white answers in MSC
B.3.1.22  Number of grey answers in MSCWord-p. 76
B.3.1.23  Number of black answers in MSC
B.3.1.24  Number of unknown IMEI answers
B.3.1.25  Mean time to provide the CALL SETUP serviceWord-p. 77
B.3.1.26  Mean time to provide the LOCATION UPDATING service
B.3.1.27  Transactions on the MM-layer where subscriber was identified with TMSI
B.3.1.28  Transactions on the MM-layer where subscriber was identified with IMSIWord-p. 78
B.3.1.29  Attempted TMSI re-allocationsUp
B.3.1.30  Successful TMSI re-allocations
B.3.1.31  IMSI detach proceduresWord-p. 79
B.3.1.32  IMSI attach procedures
B.3.1.33  Attempted incoming External intra-MSC Handovers
B.3.1.34  Successful incoming External intra-MSC HandoversWord-p. 80
B.3.1.35  Attempted outgoing External intra-MSC Handovers
B.3.1.36  Successful outgoing External intra-MSC Handovers
B.3.1.37  Attempted incoming inter-MSC HandoversWord-p. 81
B.3.1.38  Successful incoming inter-MSC Handovers
B.3.1.39  Attempted outgoing inter-MSC HandoversUp
B.3.1.40  Successful outgoing inter-MSC HandoversWord-p. 82
B.3.1.41  Attempted subsequent inter-MSC Handovers (back to MSCa)
B.3.1.42  Successful subsequent inter-MSC Handovers (back to MSCa)
B.3.1.43  Attempted subsequent inter-MSC Handovers (to MSCc)Word-p. 83
B.3.1.44  Successful subsequent inter-MSC Handovers (to MSCc)
B.3.1.45  External Handovers
B.3.1.46  External Handovers per causeWord-p. 84
B.3.1.47  Unsuccessful External Handovers with reconnection to old channels, per MSC
B.3.1.48  Unsuccessful External Handovers with loss of connection, per MSC
B.3.2  External HDO Measurement FunctionWord-p. 85

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