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TS 52.402SA5
Telecommunication Management –
Performance Management (PM) –
Performance measurements –

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Rapporteur:  Mr. Toche, Christian

The present document describes the TMN model for the administration of measurements and the collection of measurement result data in a GSM system. It also includes the measurement definitions for GSM. The concept and functional requirements for performance management in wireless GSM and UMTS systems is set out in TS 32.401.

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1  ScopeWord-p. 19
2  ReferencesWord-p. 19
3  AbbreviationsWord-p. 21
4  Detailed description of the measurement system for a GSM PLMNWord-p. 23
A  Graphical examplesWord-p. 32
B (Normative)  Performance Measurement Requirements SummaryWord-p. 34
B.1  Measurements Related to the BSCWord-p. 35
B.2  Measurements related to the BTSWord-p. 44
B.3  Measurements Related to the MSCWord-p. 69
B.4  Measurements Related to the HLRWord-p. 88
B.5  Measurements Related to the VLRWord-p. 94
B.6  Measurements Related to the EIRWord-p. 100
B.7  Measurements Related to the SMS IWMSC/GMSCWord-p. 102
B.8  Measurements Related to the SGSNWord-p. 104
B.9  Measurements Related to the GGSNWord-p. 125
B.10  Monitoring of Power, Energy and Environmental (PEE) parameters [R13]Word-p. 128
C (Normative)  Performance Measurement Object ModelWord-p. 129
C.1  Measurement Managed Object ClassesWord-p. 130
C.2  Measurement Package DefinitionsWord-p. 138
C.3  Measurement Attribute DefinitionsWord-p. 165
C.4  Name BindingsWord-p. 210
C.5  Behaviour DefinitionsWord-p. 215
C.6  Abstract syntax definitionsWord-p. 216
D (Normative)  Data Transfer RequirementsWord-p. 219
E  Non Standardised Measurements of Interest to PLMN ManagementWord-p. 221
F  Index of Measurement Attribute NamesWord-p. 226
G  BibliographyWord-p. 229
H  Change historyWord-p. 230

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