3GPP 36-series — LTE, LTE‑Advanced, LTE‑Advanced Pro radio technology

new Specifications and Reports at each 3GPP quarterly Plenary Meeting

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This list presents the latest Specifications and Reports (TS/TR) introduced during each 3GPP quarterly Plenary Meeting, beginning from the most recent meeting and going back to approximately mid-2016, around the commencement of the 5G era. By reviewing this list, you can easily identify the assigned rapporteur responsible for each TS/TR, along with the corresponding company or organization that has delegated them to contribute to this standardization process.
TR 36.770Mr. Borsato, RonaldAT&Ton High Power UE (Power Class 2) for LTE FDD Band 14
TS 36.521-4Dr. Song, DanChina Mobile Com. CorporationE-UTRA Satellite access RF Testing
TR 36.764Dr. Cao, AijunMediaTek Inc.on LTE IoT NTN operating bands
TR 36.792Mr. Fong, GeneQualcomm Koreaon unwanted emissions in UHF spectrum
TS 36.181Mr. Szydelko, MichalHuawei Technologies Sweden ABE-UTRA: Satellite Access Node conformance testing
TS 36.102Mr. Hsieh, Ming-Yu(Daniel)MediaTek Inc.E-UTRA UE Radio X-R for satellite access
TS 36.108Mr. Xue, FeiZTE CorporationE-UTRA Satellite Access Node Radio X-R
TR 36.717-02-01Dr. Han, BinQualcomm IncorporatedRel-17 LTE inter-band CA 2DL/1UL
TR 36.717-02-02Dr. Liu, YeHuawei Technologies FranceRel-17 LTE inter-band CA 2DL/2UL
TR 36.717-03-01Miss Zhang, QianHiSilicon Technologies Co. LtdRel-17 LTE inter-band CA 3DL/1UL
TR 36.717-03-02Mr. Park, Jin WoongLG Electronics UKRel-17 LTE inter-band CA xDL/2UL
TR 36.717-04-01Mr. Angelow, IwajloNokia GermanyRel-17 LTE inter-band CA xDL/1UL
TR 36.779Mr. Pan, HengPuloliIntroduction of upper 700MHz E-UTRA band for the US
TR 36.763Dr. Charbit, GillesMediaTek Inc.Study on NB-IoT/eMTC support for NTN
TS 36.579-6Mr. Kahn, JasonNISTMCVideo UE Protocol Conformance Specification
TS 36.579-7Mr. Kahn, JasonNISTMCData UE Protocol Conformance Specification
TR 36.716-01-01Mr. Lindell, PerEricsson LMLTE Advanced intra-Band CA Rel-16 xDL/yUL
TR 36.716-02-01Dr. Han, BinQualcomm IncorporatedLTE Advanced inter-Band CA Rel-16 2DL/1UL
TR 36.716-02-02Dr. Liu, YeHuawei Technologies FranceLTE Advanced inter-Band CA Rel-16 2DL/2UL
TR 36.716-03-01Miss Zhang, QianHiSilicon Technologies Co. LtdLTE Advanced inter-Band CA Rel-16 3DL/1UL
TR 36.716-03-02Mr. Lim, SuhwanLG Electronics Inc.LTE Advanced inter-Band CA Rel-16 xDL/2UL
TR 36.716-04-01Mr. Angelow, IwajloNokia GermanyLTE Advanced inter-Band CA Rel-16 xDL/1UL
TR 36.976Dr. Rico Alvarino, AlbertoQualcomm IncorporatedOverall description of LTE-based 5G Broadcast
TR 36.762Mr. Vasenkari, PetriNokia Corporationon 410-430 MHz E-UTRA FDD Band(s) in Europe
TR 36.776Dr. Rico Alvarino, AlbertoQualcomm Incorporatedon LTE-based 5G Terrestrial Broadcast
TR 36.791Mr. Dooley, JohnGLOBALSTAR Inc.E-UTRA 2.4 GHz TDD Band for US
TR 36.715-00-00Mr. Lindell, PerEricsson LMLTE Advanced intra-Band CA Rel-15 xDL/yUL
TR 36.715-00-01Dr. Han, BinQualcomm IncorporatedLTE Advanced inter-Band CA Rel-15 xDL/1UL
TR 36.715-00-02Mr. Lim, SuhwanLG Electronics Inc.LTE Adv inter-band CA Rel-15 for xDL/2UL
TR 36.715-02-01Mr. Akula, PrashanthQualcomm IncorporatedLTE Adv inter-Band CA Rel-15 for 2DL/1UL
TR 36.715-02-02Dr. Liu, YeHuawei Technologies FranceLTE Adv inter-Band CA Rel-15 for 2DL/2UL
TR 36.715-03-01Miss Zhang, QianHiSilicon Technologies Co. LtdLTE Adv inter-Band CA Rel-15 for 3DL/1UL
TR 36.715-04-01Mr. Lindell, PerEricsson LMLTE Adv inter-Band CA Rel-15 for 4DL/1UL
TR 36.715-05-01Mr. Angelow, IwajloNokia GermanyLTE Adv inter-Band CA Rel-15 for 5DL/1UL
TR 36.787Mr. Lim, SuhwanLG Electronics Inc.on V2X New Band Combinations
TR 36.788Dr. Liu, YeHuawei Technologies Franceon V2X Phase 2 UE Radio X/R
TR 36.715-04-04Mr. Obara, MasaakiKDDI CorporationLTE Adv Inter-Band CA 4DL/4UL Band 41C 42C
TR 36.758Mr. Dolizy, LaurentHuawei Technologies Franceon TDD 3300-3400 MHz Band for LTE
TR 36.760Mr. Liu, BoChina Telecom Corporation Ltd.on LTE Advanced High Power TDD UE
TR 36.761Miss Testa, PatriziaEricsson GmbH, Eurolabon Extended-Band 12 New E-UTRA Band
TR 36.757Miss Zhao, YueHuawei Telecommunication Indiaon LTE DL 8Rx Antenna Ports
TR 36.759Mr. Hu, RongyiChina Unicomon 450 MHz Band for LTE in Region 3
TR 36.777Miss Hapsari, WuriNTT DOCOMO INC.on enhanced LTE support for Aerial Vehicles
TR 36.790Mr. Grant, MarcAT&T GNS Belgium SPRLLAA/eLAA for the "CBRS" 3.5GHz band in the USA
TR 36.742Mr. Helmers, HakonAlcatel-Lucenton SON for eCoMP
TR 36.746Mr. Lee, JaewookLG Electronics Franceon further enhancements to LTE D2D
TR 36.747Mr. Guan, XiangshengeCRS and 4Rx SU-MIMO Interference Mitigation
TR 36.748Mr. Georgeaux, EricAirbus DS SLCon 450MHz E-UTRA FDD Band in Europe
TR 36.751Mr. Ando, KeiNTT DOCOMO INC.on FDD Operating Band in the L-Band for LTE
TR 36.753Mr. Liu, LiehaiHuawei Tech.(UK) Co.. LtdTDD Operating Band in the L-Band for LTE
TR 36.755Miss Testa, PatriziaEricsson GmbH, Eurolabon US 600 MHz Band for LTE
TR 36.783Dr. Rico Alvarino, AlbertoQualcomm IncorporatedIntroduction of 1024QAM in LTE Downlink
TR 36.714-00-00Mr. Lindell, PerEricsson LMLTE-Advanced intra-Band CA Rel-14 xDL/yUL
TR 36.714-00-02Mr. Lim, SuhwanLG Electronics Inc.LTE-Advanced intra-Band CA Rel-14 xDL/yUL
TR 36.714-02-01Mr. Vintola, VilleLTE-Advanced inter-Band CA Rel-14 2DL/1UL
TR 36.714-02-02Dr. Liu, YeHuawei Technologies FranceLTE-Advanced inter-Band CA Rel-14 2DL/2UL
TR 36.714-03-01Ms. Shan, HuipingLTE-Advanced inter-Band CA Rel-14 3DL/1UL
TR 36.714-04-01Mr. Lindell, PerEricsson LMLTE-Advanced inter-Band CA Rel-14 4DL/1UL
TR 36.714-05-01Mr. Angelow, IwajloLTE-Advanced inter-Band CA for 5DL/1UL
TR 36.754Dr. Worrall, ChandrikaCATTon Uplink (UL) Data Compression in LTE
TR 36.766Miss Yang, ShanChina Telecommunicationson Interference Cancellation Receiver for LTE BS
TR 36.714-03-03Mr. Vasenkari, PetriNokia CorporationLTE-Advanced inter-Band CA Rel-14 3DL/3UL
TR 36.741Mr. Alexei, Davydovon enhancements to CoMP Operation for LTE
TR 36.786Mr. Lim, SuhwanLG Electronics Inc.on V2X Services based on LTE
TR 36.933Dr. Kimba dit Adamou, BoubacarChina Mobile Com. Corporationon Context Aware Service Delivery in RAN
TR 36.744Mr. Angelow, IwajloCBRS 3.5 GHz Band for LTE in the United States
TR 36.745Mr. Kihara, Kenichion Global Application of LTE Band 11/21 UEs
TR 36.752Ms. Zhao, DongNB-IoT RF Requirement to co-existence with CDMA
TR 36.898Ms. Wang, YanHuawei Tech.(UK) Co.. LtdNetwork Assistance for Network Synchronization
TR 36.750Mr. Chen, Zhuoon Voice and Video enhancement for LTE
TR 36.785Mr. Lim, SuhwanLG Electronics Inc.on V2V Services based on LTE Sidelink
TR 36.896Mr. Xu, Senon Flexible eNB-ID and Cell-ID in E-UTRAN
TR 36.749Mr. Fernandes, EdgarNew AWS Band for LTE
TR 36.858Dr. Hatefi, Atoosaon LTE 2.6 GHz FDD SDL band (2570-2620 MHz)
TR 36.881Mr. Enbuske, Henrikon Latency Reduction Techniques for LTE
TR 36.885Dr. Seo, HanbyulStudy on LTE-based V2X Services
TR 36.886Mr. Humbert, JohnE-UTRA Band 41 High Power UE (HPUE)
TR 36.898Ms. Wang, YanHuawei Tech.(UK) Co.. LtdNetwork Assistance for Network Synchronization