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TR 36.760RAN4
LTE Advanced High Power TDD UE (Power Class 2) for Rel-15

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V15.0.0 (Wzip)  2018/03  24 p.

WI Acronym:  LTE_TDD_HPUE_R15-Core
Rapporteur:  Mr. Liu, Bo

The present document is the Technical Report for LTE Advanced power class 2 TDD UE. The purpose of this TR is to study the radio requirements for LTE Advanced power class 2 TDD UE as part of the Rel-15 work item in order to add power Class 2 UE to bands.
In 3GPP, the study of high power UE (HPUE) operation, i.e. power class 2, for TDD Band 41 has been completed under a SI, motivated by significant benefits in cell coverage and cell edge user throughput that are needed for and can be achieved for TDD networks.
Meanwhile, many operators and vendors have realized the significant benefit for increasing the UE transmits power. Now the HPUE for many other bands, e.g., Band 38, Band 40 and Band 42, is gradually requested by operators. Especially, specifying a 26dBm UE for Band 38 may help to build grow the LTE TDD ecosystem in Europe, and we anticipate that it will also improve economies of scale for B41 High Power UE RF components with the premise that the same RF front-end can be shared between the two bands. Thus, it can be anticipated that the number of WIs will be quite large and tracing the history of the requirements study and specification will be challenging because allocating a TR for each WI would occupy too many resources. Many issues related to HPUE are common between different bands. Following the similar approach adopted for CA in RAN4, this Work item is introducing a new basket WI to capture the HPUE requests proposed by companies in Rel-15.

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