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TR 36.777RAN2
Enhanced LTE support for Aerial Vehicles

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V15.0.0 (Wzip)  2017/12  89 p.

WI Acronym:  FS_LTE_Aerial
Rapporteur:  Miss Hapsari, Wuri

The purpose of this TR is to capture TSG RAN WG1 and WG2 understanding of the performance of Release-14 LTE networks when used to serve aerial vehicles like drones and to document the identified further performance enhancing solutions to optimize the LTE connectivity for aerial vehicles.

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1  ScopeWord-p. 8
2  References
3  Definitions, symbols and abbreviationsWord-p. 10
4  Deployment scenarios for aerial vehicles
5  Performance requirements and metrics
6  Identified problemWord-p. 12
7  Potential enhancements for supporting aerial vehiclesWord-p. 14
8  ConclusionsWord-p. 19
A  Evaluation assumptionsWord-p. 21
B  Channel modelling details
C  Calibration results and RSRP Statistics
D  Evaluation results with baseline assumptionsWord-p. 35
E  Evaluation results with potential enhancements in DownlinkWord-p. 58
F  Evaluation results with potential enhancements in UplinkWord-p. 70
G  Evaluation results on reliabilityWord-p. 87
H  Field Trials Results on MobilityWord-p. 97
I  Field Trials Results on RSRP/RSRQ and other measurementsWord-p. 117
J  Evaluation Results on Mobility
K  Change historyWord-p. 149

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