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TR 36.755RAN4
US 600 MHz Band for LTE

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WI Acronym:  LTE600_US-Core
Rapporteur:  Miss Testa, Patrizia

The FCC has adopted rules for the Broadcast Incentive Auction. The "clock phase" of the auction recently closed at stage 4, which aims to clear 84 MHz for mobile broadband services. This 84 MHz band planfeatures a 2x35 MHz FDD spectrum with the uplink band (mobile transmit) in the upper 35 MHz from 663 to 698 MHz and downlink band (BS transmit) in the lower 35 MHz from 617 to 652 MHz; it also features an 11 MHz duplex gap and a 3 MHz guard band above Channel 37. With the "clock phase" now concluded, the 84 MHz band plan will be the final FCC band plan.
To facilitate the US 600 MHz eco-system development in a timely manner, it is proposed to standardize a new E-UTRA operating band based on the FCC 84 MHz band plan.

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