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TR 36.759RAN4
450 MHz Band for LTE in Region 3

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WI Acronym:  LTE450_Reg3-Core
Rapporteur:  Mr. Hu, Rongyi

China Government has adopted 10MHz band from 450MHz to 470MHz for LTE trial in 8 cities of China, which aims to clear 10 MHz for mobile broadband services. And the related agreement that IMT system would be allocated with 2x5MHz FDD band from 450MHz to 470MHz have been approved in CCSA TC5 WG8 #79 meeting, and the final licence of 450MHz will be published in foreseeable months in China.
Meanwhile, during February 2017 meeting of ITU Working Party 5D , many countries are working on IMT frequency planning entitled "Recommendation ITU-R M. 1036", in which the frequency arrangements on 450MHz should be determined. Input document (R15-WP 5D/515-E) from China (People's Republic of), provides a proposal on the frequency arrangement in the frequency band 450-470MHz.
To maximize the spectrum efficiency of 450 MHz band, and satisfy the development demands of IMT network, the China administration has issued a new FDD arrangement for IMT in 450-470 MHz band. And considering the difference with other needs on 450MHz (like South America's or Europe's), the arrangement is shown as following:
  • Bandwidth: 5 MHz
  • Uplink: 450-455 MHz
  • Downlink: 460-465 MHz
  • Centre gap: 5 MHz
  • Duplex separation: 10 MHz
To facilitate 450 MHz eco-system development in Region 3 including China in a timely manner, it is proposed to standardize a new E-UTRA operating band based on 10MHz band plan:
2x5MHz, 450MHz-455MHz (UL), 460MHz-465MHz (DL)
Besides, due to the propagation behaviour, 450MHz should be taken into account as good candidate band for NB-IoT or eMTC.

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