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A (Normative)  ASN.1 Schema for the Internal and External Interfacesp. 398

The ASN.1 module describing the structures used for LI_X2, LI_X3, LI_HI2 and LI_HI3 ("TS33128Payloads") is given in the file TS33128Payloads.asn which accompanies the present document.

B (Normative)  LI Notificationp. 398

Based on clause 5.6 of the present document, this annex defines a system of management notification of LI system with the LI_HI4 interface.
The LI_HI4 interface shall be used to transport specific LI service O&M information (referred to as LI Notification) from the CSP to the LEMF. The individual parameters of the LI Notification message shall be coded using ASN.1 and the basic encoding rules (BER). The delivery of LI Notification shall be performed directly using the same mechanism as used for delivery of IRI messages over LI_HI2 and CC over LI_HI3.
The LI Notification shall be used to send electronic notification to the LEMF in the following cases:
  1. after the activation of lawful interception;
  2. after the deactivation of lawful interception;
  3. after the modification of an active lawful interception.
Field Name Description M/C/O
notificationTypeInformation on the type of notification: activation, deactivation or modificationM
deliveryInformationDelivery Information which has been decided by the LEA in terms of delivery numbers, IP addresses for LI_HI2 and LI_HI3O
appliedTargetIDTarget Identifier applied in the ADMF for the warrantO
appliedStartTimeStart time applied to the ADMF for the warrantC
appliedEndTimeEnd time applied to the ADMF for the warrantC
appliedTargetIsLocalSet to TRUE if the type of target is known to be local, absent otherwise (i.e. unknown)C
appliedTargetIsNonLocalSet to TRUE if the type of target is known to be non-local, absent otherwise (i.e. unknown)C
Conditional parameters shall be set as follows:
LI Activation Notification
Field Name Description M/C/O
appliedStartTime Always present and represents:
The Start Date/Time in the warrant or,
The Date/Time of the CSP activation in the ADMF or,
The scheduled future Start Date/Time.
appliedEndTimeAbsence means the interception has been activated with no predefined End Date/Time.
Presence means the End time is scheduled to be applied at that (future) time.
LI Modification Notification
Field Name Description M/C/O
appliedStartTimePresent and provides the new Start Date/Time if modified by the LI Modification commandC
appliedEndTimePresent and provides the new End Date/Time if modified by the LI Modification commandC
LI Deactivation Notification
Field Name Description M/C/O
appliedEndTimePresent and provides the actual End Date/Time, e.g. timed stop as per initial warrant or as per new warrant, or as pre-emptive audited stop from the LEA, or major LI failure.C
The individual notifications parameters shall be sent to the LEMF as soon as possible with the lowest latency at least once (if available).
The MDF2/MDF3 will deliver the LINotification message to LEMF.

C (Normative)  XSD Schema for LI_X1 extensionsp. 399

The XSD schema describing the extensions used for LI_X1 is given in the file urn_3GPP_ns_li_3GPPX1Extensions.xsd which accompanies the present document.

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