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G  Access Rules Referencing (ARR)p. 168

G.1  Sample content of EFARRp. 168

This clause contains a set of access rule examples that are stored in EFARR. The access rules are referenced using tag '8B' in the FCP.
The following definitions apply:
  • the application PIN is referred to as PIN Appl. 1 global (key reference '01');
  • the UICC supports the usage of a universal PIN, see clause 9.4.1, that is referred to as UNIVERSAL PIN (key reference '11');
  • the application PIN2 is referred to as Second PIN Appl.1 local (key reference '81');
  • access condition ADM is referenced as Level 5/Level 6 (key reference 'YZ') where:
    • 'Y' = '0' for Level 5 and 'Y' = '8' for Level 6;
    • 'Z' = 'A' to 'E' for Level5 and Level 6;
  • the value 'XX' for the usage qualifier for key reference value 'YZ' is according to ISO/IEC 7816-4 [12].
Table G.1: Application Access Rule References
Table G.2: DFTelecom Access Rule References

G.2  Example of access rule referencing with SE IDp. 171

This clause describes an example of the usage of the access rule referencing method using SE ID. Table G.1 is considered to be the EF(ARR) file for this example.
Assume an application uses PIN Application 1 Global as its application PIN. In addition, this application allows the replacement of its application PIN by the Universal PIN. EF(example) is an elementary file part of this application and has the following access conditions:
  • READ: Always.
  • UPDATE: PIN application 1 Global.
  • ACTIVATE/DEACTIVATE: level 5 or 6.
The security attributes returned after the selection of EF(example) then contains a reference to record 2 of Table G.1 for SE 01 and a reference to record 11 of Table G.1 for SE 00.

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