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1 Scope


1  ScopeWord‑p. 10

The present document discusses and describes requirements, procedures, service interfaces (for service-based architecture) and protocols from CT3 aspects of 5G System as specified in TS 23.501, TS 23.502 and TS 23.503.
These CT3 aspects include:
  • the 5G Policy Framework definition (including new functionalities such as access and mobility management policy support, UE policy support or applicable functionality related to network slicing). Support for non-3GPP access network, handover between non-3GPP access and 3GPP access, roaming aspects and 5G QoS aspects in the scope of the 5G Policy Framework will be part of the study;
  • Inter-working with external networks; and
  • Network Capability Exposure scenarios (e.g. monitoring and Policy/Charging Capabilities exposure).
The present document is used as a placeholder for CT3 5G System materials to be moved to appropriate 3GPP technical specifications when it is sufficiently stable. As such, neither all the discussions within this document are finished nor the procedures need to be completed. This TR may also contain some empty clauses. This TR will no longer be updated on a systematic manner and therefore contains information may become outdated.

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