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TS 27.060CT3
Packet Domain –
Mobile Station (MS) supporting Packet Switched Services

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Rapporteur:  Mr. Xu, Wenliang

The (A/Gb and Iu mode) PLMN supports a wide range of voice and non-voice services in the same network. In order to enable non-voice traffic in the PLMN there is a need to connect various kinds of terminal equipments to the Mobile Station (MS). This TS defines the requirements for TE-MT interworking over the R-reference point for the Packet Domain, including the protocols and signalling needed to support Packet Switched services, as defined in TS 22.060 and TS 22.060.
This TS is valid for PLMN in A/Gb mode as well as for PLMN in Iu mode. If text applies only for one of these systems it is explicitly mentioned by using the terms "A/Gb mode" and "Iu mode". Please note, that the A interface does not play any role in the scope of this document although the term "A/Gb mode" is used.

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1  ScopeWord-p. 6
2  References
3  Definitions abbreviations and symbolsWord-p. 8
4  Access reference configuration
5  Functions to support data servicesWord-p. 10
6  Interface to Packet Domain Bearer Services
7  Functions common to all configurations of a MS supporting Packet Switched Services
9  IP Based Services
10  PPP Based ServicesWord-p. 20
11  Internet Hosted Octet Stream Service (IHOSS)Word-p. 23
12  AT commands
13  IMS related functionsWord-p. 29
A  Summary of AT commands for the Packet DomainWord-p. 31
B  Octet Stream Protocol (OSP) PDP typeWord-p. 32
C  Change historyWord-p. 33

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