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TS 29.061CT3
Interworking between
the PLMN supporting Packet-based Services and
Packet Data Networks (PDN)

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Rapporteur:  Mr. Xu, Wenliang

This TS defines the requirements for Packet Domain interworking between a PLMN and a PDN, and between a PLMN and a PLMN. This TS is valid for a PLMN in A/Gb mode as well as for a PLMN in Iu mode. For interworking between EPC PLMN and external networks, the present document is valid for both 3GPP accesses and non-3GPP accesses. This TS also defines, the protocol for the Gmb interface, the protocol for the SGmb interface, and the protocol for the Mz interface.

full Table of Contents for  TS 29.061  Word version:   15.5.0

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1  ScopeWord-p. 9
2  References
3  Definitions and abbreviationsWord-p. 13
4  Network characteristicsWord-p. 16
5  Interworking ClassificationsUp
6  Access reference configuration
7  Interface to Packet Domain Bearer Services
8  Subscription checking
8A  Prevention of IP spoofing [R6]Word-p. 19
9  Message Screening
10  Interworking with PSDN (X.75/X.25)
11  Interworking with PDN (IP)
12  Interworking with PDN (PPP)
13  Interworking with PDN (DHCP)Word-p. 49
13a  Interworking with IMS [R5]Word-p. 56
13b  Interworking with BM-SC in EPS [R9]
14  Internet Hosted Octet Stream Service (IHOSS)
15  Interworking between Packet Domains
16  Usage of RADIUS on Gi/Sgi interface
16.1  RADIUS Authentication and Authorization
16.2  RADIUS AccountingWord-p. 63
16.3  Authentication and accounting message flows on Gi interfaceWord-p. 64
16.3a  Authentication and accounting message flows on Sgi interface [R8]Word-p. 69
16.4  List of RADIUS attributesWord-p. 73
16a  Usage of Diameter on Gi/Sgi interface [R7]Word-p. 106
17  Usage of Diameter on Gmb interface [R6]
17.1  MBMS user authorisationWord-p. 126
17.2  MBMS service registration / de-registration
17.3  MBMS session start / update/ stop
17.4  MBMS user deactivationUp
17.5  Message flowsWord-p. 127
17.6  Gmb Messages
17.7  Gmb specific AVPsWord-p. 141
17.7a  Gmb re-used AVPs [R9]Up
17.8  Gmb specific Experimental-Result-Code AVP valuesWord-p. 148
18  Usage of RADIUS at the Pk Reference Point [R6]
19  Usage of Diameter on Mz interface [R7]Word-p. 150
20  Usage of Diameter on SGmb interface [R9]
A  Interworking PCS1900 with PSDNsWord-p. 172
B (Normative)  Rate control related to Cellular Internet Of Things (CIoT) optimisations [R13]Word-p. 173
C  Change historyWord-p. 175

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