3GPP 26-series — CODECs

new Specifications and Reports at each 3GPP quarterly Plenary Meeting

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This list presents the latest Specifications and Reports (TS/TR) introduced during each 3GPP quarterly Plenary Meeting, beginning from the most recent meeting and going back to approximately mid-2016, around the commencement of the 5G era. By reviewing this list, you can easily identify the assigned rapporteur responsible for each TS/TR, along with the corresponding company or organization that has delegated them to contribute to this standardization process.
TS 26.119Mr. Teniou, GillesTencentMedia Capabilities for Augmented Reality
TS 26.130Mr. Ragot, StephaneOrangeSpeech/Audio Codec RTP Payload Format Conf. Testing
TS 26.143Mr. Gabin, FredericDolby France SASMessaging Media profiles
TS 26.252Mr. Jansson Toftgård, TomasEricsson LMTest sequences for Immersive Voice+Audio
TS 26.253Mr. Laaksonen, LasseNokia CorporationDetailed Algorithmic Desc. for Immersive Voice+Audio
TS 26.254Dr. Szczerba, MarekPhilips International B.V.Rendering for Immersive Voice+Audio
TS 26.255Mr. Norvell, ErikEricsson LMError concealment of lost packets for Immersive Voice+Audio
TS 26.256Mr. Doehla, StefanFraunhofer IISJitter Buffer Management for Immersive Voice+Audio
TS 26.522Dr. Curcio, IgorNokia Corporation5G Real-time Media Transport Protocol Configurations
TR 26.812Mr. Gao, ShuaiChina Unicomon QoE metrics for AR/MR services
TR 26.865Dr. Bruhn, StefanDolby Sweden ABImmersive Audio for Split Rendering Scenarios; Reqs
TR 26.930Mr. Inoue, YoshihiroNTTEnhancement for Immersive Real-Time comm. for WebRTC
TR 26.966Dr. Zia, WaqarApple Switzerland AGEvaluation of new HEVC coding tools
TR 26.982Dr. Su, Huan-yuHuaWei Technologies Co., LtdImplementation guidelines for Multiparty RTT
TR 26.941Dr. Kolan, PrakashSamsung Research AmericaNetwork Slicing Extensions for 5G media services
TS 26.258Mr. Multrus, MarkusFraunhofer IISC code for Immersive Voice and Audio Services Codec
TR 26.926Dr. Stockhammer, ThomasQualcomm CDMA TechnologiesTraffic Models for Media and XR Services in 5GS
TS 26.506Dr. Lee, Hakju RyanSamsung R&D Institute UK5G Real-time Media Communication Architecture (Stage 2)
TR 26.806Dr. Stockhammer, ThomasQualcomm CDMA Technologieson Tethering AR Glasses
TR 26.857Dr. Stockhammer, ThomasQualcomm CDMA Technologieson 5G Media Service Enablers
TS 26.517Dr. Bradbury, RichardBBC5G Multicast-Broadcast User Services; Protocols and Formats
TS 26.531Dr. Bradbury, RichardBBCData Collection and Reporting; General Description and Architecture
TS 26.532Mr. Lo, CharlesQualcomm CDMA TechnologiesData Collection and Reporting; Protocols and Formats
TR 26.805Dr. Lohmar, ThorstenEricsson LMon Media Production over 5G NPN Systems
TR 26.955Dr. Stockhammer, ThomasQualcomm CDMA TechnologiesVideo codec characteristics for 5G-based services and applications
TS 26.502Dr. Bradbury, RichardBBC5G Multicast-Broadcast User Service Architecture
TR 26.804Dr. Lohmar, ThorstenEricsson LMon 5G media streaming extensions
TR 26.862Mr. Gunkel, SimonTNOITT4RT Use Cases, Requirements and Potential Solutions
TR 26.962Dr. Curcio, IgorNokia CorporationITT4RT Operation and Usage Guidelines
TR 26.998Dr. Lee, Hakju RyanSamsung R&D Institute UKSupport of 5G glass-type AR/MR devices
TR 26.999Dr. Curcio, IgorNokia CorporationVR streaming interoperability and characterization
TR 26.802Dr. TAN, PENGTELUSon 5GMS Multicast architecture
TR 26.803Dr. Bouazizi, ImedQualcomm Incorporatedon 5GMS Architecture extensions
TS 26.512Dr. Lohmar, ThorstenEricsson LM5G Media Streaming (5GMS) Protocols
TS 26.511Mr. Teniou, GillesOrange5G Media Streaming (5GMS) Profiles, Codecs and Formats
TS 26.117Dr. Stockhammer, ThomasQualcomm CDMA Technologies5GMS Speech and Audio Profiles
TS 26.139Mr. Burman, BoEricsson LMRTP/RTCP Verification Procedures
TR 26.921Mr. Reimes, JanHEAD acoustics GmbHon Acoustic Testing of Terminals
TR 26.925Mr. Gabin, FredericEricsson LMTypical Traffic Characteristics of Media Services
TR 26.928Dr. Stockhammer, ThomasQualcomm CDMA TechnologiesExtended Reality (XR) in 5G
TR 26.985Dr. Jung, KyunghunSamsung Electronics Co., LtdV2X Media Handling and Interaction
TR 26.801Mr. Schevciw, AndreQualcomm UK Ltdon Handset Mode with Non-Traditional Earpieces
TS 26.501Mr. Gabin, FredericEricsson LM5G Media Streaming (5GMS) Architecture
TR 26.929Mr. Heikkilä, GunnarEricsson LMQoE for Virtual Reality User Experience
TS 26.348Dr. Lohmar, ThorstenEricsson LMNorthbound API for MBMS at xMB
TS 26.452Dr. Pawate, RajCadence Design Systems Inc.Codec for EVS; ANSI C Code
TR 26.891Dr. Bouazizi, ImedSamsung Telecoms America5G enhanced Mobile Broadband: Media Distribution
TS 26.118Dr. Stockhammer, ThomasQualcomm CDMA Technologies3GPP Virtual Reality Profiles
TS 26.259Mr. Schevciw, AndreQualcomm UK LtdSubjective Test Methodologies for Immersive Audio
TS 26.260Mr. Schevciw, AndreQualcomm UK LtdObjective Test Methodologies for Immersive Audio
TR 26.818Mr. Teniou, GillesOrangeon Virtual Reality Streaming Audio
TR 26.843Mr. Plante, FabriceIntel Deutschland GmbHon Floating-Point EVS Codec
TR 26.850Mr. Thienot, CedricExpwayMBMS for Internet of Things (IoT)
TR 26.861Mr. Schevciw, AndreQualcomm UK Ltdon Test Methodologies for Immersive Audio Systems
TR 26.910Dr. Curcio, IgorNokia CorporationRAN Delay Budget Reporting in MTSI
TR 26.919Dr. Curcio, IgorNokia CorporationMedia Handling of Conversational Services in 5GS
TR 26.939Dr. Bouazizi, ImedSamsung Telecoms AmericaGuidelines on Framework for Live Uplink Streaming
TR 26.959Dr. Atti, VenkatramanQualcomm UK LtdStudy on enhanced VoLTE Performance
TR 26.881Mr. Lambrou, JohnMotorola Solutions Germanyon Forward Error Correction for MCS
TR 26.973Dr. Pawate, RajCadence Design Systems Inc.Update to Fixed-Point Basic Operators
TS 26.238Dr. Curcio, IgorNokia CorporationUplink Streaming
TR 26.931Mr. Reimes, JanHEAD acoustics GmbHAcoustic Tests for Speech Telephony
TR 26.917Dr. Stockhammer, ThomasQualcomm CDMA TechnologiesMBMS/PSS enhancements to support TV Services
TR 26.918Mr. Teniou, GillesOrangeVirtual Reality (VR) Media Services over 3GPP
TR 26.954Mr. Ragot, StephaneOrangeTest Plan for Speech Quality and Delay
TS 26.281Mr. Lambrou, JohnMotorola Solutions GermanyMCVideo: Codecs and Media Handling
TS 26.347Dr. Bouazizi, ImedSamsung Telecoms AmericaMBMS API and URL
TR 26.880Mr. Lambrou, JohnMotorola Solutions Germanyon MBMS Usage and Codecs for MC Video Service
TR 26.909Mr. Li, ZhimingHuawei Tech.(UK) Co.. LtdImproved streaming QoE Reporting
TR 26.953Mr. Lo, CharlesQualcomm CDMA TechnologiesInteractivity for 3GPP-based Streaming
TR 26.981Dr. Curcio, IgorNokia CorporationMBMS ext. for Provisioning and Content Ingestion
TR 26.957Dr. Curcio, IgorNokia CorporationSAND for 3GPP Multimedia Services
TR 26.916Mr. Gabin, FredericEricsson LMMedia Handling and Quality aspects of SRVCC