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5.8  Virtual factoryp. 29

5.8.1  Descriptionp. 29

Virtual factory is an important feature in industry 4.0, which provides people on remote site easy access to factory. Virtual factory could support immersive monitor of real scene, simulation and analysis on production line planning and practical production adjustment.
Copy of original 3GPP image for 3GPP TS 22.847, Fig. 5.8.1-1: Virtual Factory and a photo of the real factory floor under construction [19].
Also it can provide an approach in managing distributed realistic factory when considering establishing a complex production line which need to combine the capability of several factories.
Copy of original 3GPP image for 3GPP TS 22.847, Fig. 5.8.1-2: A service-oriented virtual factory [20]

5.8.2  Pre-conditionsp. 30

  1. Factory is covered by 5G signals. An industrial robot and a monitoring camera are connected to 5G network.
  2. The remote site where the virtual factory will be displayed is also covered by 5G signals.

5.8.3  Service Flowsp. 30

  1. The factory first tells 5G network that the data flows of motion information collector of robot and monitor video need coordination.
  2. The motion information of the robot is collected and transferred through dataflow 1. A monitor camera captures the real movement of the industrial robot and transmit video signal through dataflow 2. Network will mark these two data flows according to the information factory provided.
  3. Data flow1 which carries the motion information signal will be transferred to the VR server and produce VR video according to the motion information. Dataflow 2 will be transferred directly to a screen in the remote site.
  4. On the remote site, there's a VR glasses which will receive the video data from the VR server. Alongside the VR glasses there's the monitor screen of the real robot motion.
  5. As the processing from motion information to VR video need time, dataflow 2 should be hold by network for a certain period. The dataflow of VR and monitor video will arrive at the remote site within a certain time window, so that users will not feel the delay between these two flows.
Copy of original 3GPP image for 3GPP TS 22.847, Fig. 5.8.3-1: Figure of service flow on virtual factory

5.8.4  Post-conditionsp. 31

Due to the coordination processing network has done, users can see the virtual factory through VR glasses and the real scene in factory on screen without feeling any delay.

5.8.5  Existing features partly or fully covering the use case functionalityp. 31


5.8.6  Potential New Requirements needed to support the use casep. 31

[PR 5.8.6-1]
5G system shall be able to support the interaction with applications on UEs or data flows grouping information within one tactile and multi-modal communication service.
[PR 5.8.6-2]
The 5G system shall support a means to apply 3rd party provided policy(ies) for flows associated with an application. The policy may contain e.g. the set of UEs and data flows, the expected QoS handling and associated triggering events, other coordination information.

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